C.E.O. Chat with Besa Pinchotti


Hi, I’m Besa Pinchotti, CEO of the National Military Family Association and I am kicking off our very first CEO Chat. That’s a new series where I get to share with you everything I am most excited about at NMFA right now, and that’s a lot.

I’m always inspired by the military families we serve and the people who make that possible. And it’s those generous people who open their hearts and make it all possible that I want to talk about with you today.

The first is a group of elementary school kids in New York…now obviously in military families we know to never underestimate what kids are capable of. But the kids at Floyd B. Watson elementary in Rockville Center took that to the next level. They did a Field of Honor fundraiser complete with handmade American flags—could they be any cuter? Of all the incredible organizations out there, they chose NMFA to benefit from the proceeds.

I want to talk to you also about EA Sween. You may know them from their delicious sandwiches, but here’s something you didn’t know. This family company just hit the $1,000,000 mark in their support for National Military Family Association. And you know what they did to celebrate? They didn’t just pat themselves on the back and move on, they got on the plane from Minneapolis and came all the way to DC just to sit down and talk with us. They wanted to know about camp, food insecurity, and everything we know military families are dealing with right now. And they wanted to know how they could do even more to help.

I also want to tell you about John and William Holm. Two veterans, who know along with their military families, that the call to serve continues long after your military service is over. And we were humbled to find out that included in his estate, William Holm left as an incredible legacy gift that will support the work we do now and for years to come. They could have just supported their own family, but they went out of their way to support ours too.

We are thankful for the many champions for military families that we’re privileged to work with. From Wounded Warrior Project, to Fisher House Foundation, to EA Sween, and the kids at Watson elementary— it’s inspiring and it’s proof once again that together we’re stronger.