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NMFA Military Spouse Scholarships

Lots of scholarships out there say they’re just for military spouses. But with rank limitations, degree restrictions, and other hoops to jump through, we know it can be frustrating and easier to simply give up. We promise that’s not the case here.

Our scholarships are straight-forward, easy to apply, and you can be a recipient more than once!

Since 2004, NMFA has cheered on military spouses by awarding scholarships to help pay for everything from GED’s to PhD’s, professional licenses and certifications, including re-licensure, business and entrepreneurial expenses, supervised clinical hours, continuing education courses, and more.

When you receive an NMFA scholarship, you’ll get more than just money. Our team wants to support you as you achieve your dreams. You’ll join an exclusive group of spouse recipients, have access to private Facebook groups to network, and be part of a special community who you can count on throughout your career.

Degree, Career + Business Partnership Offers

Many schools and institutions want to support military spouses on their career and education journeys.

Thousands of spouses apply for NMFA Military Spouse Scholarships each year, but because of the large demand, only 10% will receive funding.

That’s where our partners come in: more scholarships!

These partner scholarships help you bridge the financial gap, while expanding your degree, business, and career horizons. We know this extra support makes the difference between unemployment and meaningful employment.

Partner funding is exclusive to NMFA military spouse applicants and won’t last long!

Our Partners

Berkeley School of Information
Northwestern University
Pepperdine Online Master of Legal Studies
Pepperdine Online Master’s in Psychology Program
Pepperdine University MBA
SMU Professional and Online
Syracuse University Engineer + Computer Science
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology