C.E.O. Chat with Besa Pinchotti

I’m Besa Pinchotti, CEO of the National Military Family Association I’m here in beautiful San Antonio, Texas – Military City USA, where I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with military families and the champions who support our military families. 

With a government shutdown looming once again, the stakes are even higher this time. War has broken out overseas, hundreds of promotions have been blocked due to Congressional politics, and there are no provisions to pay our troops if they do shut down the government.

Struggling military families need to know what they can count on, especially with the holidays just around the corner. When life gets hard, we turn to our military family champions, and I want to tell you about one right here in San Antonio.
His name is Augie and he and his wife, Sandra, have a barbecue place named Augie’s where they welcomed us and 50 of our newest military family friends to talk about what’s happening in military life right now, and how we can support military families together.

For 15 years now, the National Military Family Association has stood by our tagline: Together We’re Stronger.

We’ve seen that here in San Antonio, Texas and we see that in communities around the country. Thank you, Augie and Sandra, for welcoming us and for being an example to all of us once again, that Together, We’re Stronger.