I’ll Be There for You: Military Spouse Friendships

Military Spouse Appreciation Campaign

It is Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and what better way to honor this resilient group of our military community than by sharing what makes them persevere through anything. Their network of support, their collectives, their friends!

Did you know that NMFA was founded by military wives in support of their widowed friends in 1969? As our founders did 54 years ago, bonded in friendship, we continue to support and advocate for one another today.

Network of Support In-Person and Online

Military spouse friendships are often formed through shared experiences, such as living on base, attending unit events, or participating in support groups. Friendships can easily fall into place during the most challenging times—deployments and long periods of separation from a service member.

Forming this network early in the military family life is essential for that sense of belonging, understanding, and connection that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Luckily these friendships can be forged much more easily now with Facebook groups, Family Readiness Groups, and volunteer opportunities.

Military spouses, new or experienced, will find that these friendships become a lasting thread in their lives.

Friendships Around the World

A highlight of military spouse friendships is the opportunity to form lasting connections with people from all over the world. The military sends service members and families to installations in the Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. With such a melting pot, the opportunity to learn about new cultures, cuisines, holidays, and celebrations will be right at your home.

The military community represents diverse backgrounds and brings various experiences and perspectives to friendships built within it. These friendships can be especially valuable for military spouses looking for resources to start school, overcome financial hardships, and secure child care.

Lasting Friendships Unique to Military Life

Change is constant in the military, whether it is a change in rank and duties for service members or a change in military installations that impact school and work life for the families. At NMFA, we know with every PCS move, military families must rebuild a network of friends—a challenge that only those in the military journey can understand.

That is why we invite you to share your collective support group with us so we can celebrate and showcase it. Visit our Military Spouse Collective Sweepstakes to learn more about how and why we are celebrating you and your friendships. Together, in this collective experience, we are made stronger.

By: Angela Sablan Tenorio, Content Manager