From One Military Spouse to Another: I Appreciate You

2022 Military Spouse Appreciation Quote

My husband and I recently took our first romantic getaway since 2008. I know many of you can relate. With back-to-back deployments, PCSs, and life-in-general, it’s difficult to find time to hit pause and focus only on each other. It is also ironic considering I have been a military spouse my entire adult life.

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and a running joke, at least in my circle, is the only people who remember it’s Military Spouse Appreciation Day are military spouses themselves.

It makes sense! On one hand, most of us married our spouses already knowing they were in the military, so why should we be recognized for that? On the other hand, though, we are in an extremely unique situation because of not only what our spouse does for a living, but also how much that career controls our lives.

I am acutely aware of how abrasive this life can be. Maybe you take this Military Spouse Appreciation Day to imagine what life will be like when you are no longer a military spouse. As my active duty Navy husband is approaching 20 years of service, we’re beginning to think about the possibility of retirement. When I begin to rattle off the list of things I am and will forever be grateful for throughout my tenure as a military spouse, the hard days become growing pains that leave me stronger.

No matter where you stand on the topic, if someone recognizes you for your service as a military spouse this year, let’s all agree to give them a big smile and say thank you – because being a military spouse teaches us so many life lessons and stretches us to lengths we would have never learned in any other lifestyle. And that’s something to celebrate.

Less than 1% of the United States population serves in the military, and not every service member is married, so we’re in a super-exclusive group. This year let’s choose to acknowledge Military Spouse Appreciation Day in a big or small way. Get a full night of sleep. Get a coffee. Read a book without guilt. Get a new outfit. Take a road trip. Take a walk. Take a deep breath.

No matter what you do, know that I am cheering you on. I’m in awe of the quiet warriors who hold down a different type of fort. We’re in this together. And on this day, I appreciate you.

By: Jessica Yost, Content Manager

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