Dear NMFA: Normalcy During a PCS

Dear NMFA: Normalcy During a PCS

We know military life can be confusing at times, but NMFA is on your side. You ask the question, and we will find you some answers.  

Dear NMFA—We are an active-duty Marine family with two kids, and one is enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). We’d like to know how to give our kids a sense of normalcy in the upcoming PCS season. –Darrell

Dear Darrell—This is a great question, and it is one that we get asked so often that we host a Relocation and PCS resource on our website. It is such an important topic that every military installation has a Relocation Readiness Program. Its focus is to help families prepare for a PCS. They can provide current information on your next assigned base and community and walk you through the moving process, including entitlements and EFMP resources. You may be directed to other offices throughout the base for more in-depth guidance, but they are the best one-stop shop to start. Visit Military OneSource to get connected online or directly with your installation contacts.

With fine details out of the way, the next best plan is to review the resources from two of our favorite subject matter experts on kids, teens, and military moves: Sesame Street and Bloom.

Sesame Street for Military Families

Sesame Street for Military Families is an ideal resource for the youngest of military warriors, as it was designed with your military kids in mind. There are videos, downloadable short stories and coloring pages, and interactive games for phones and tablets. All their resources are age-appropriate, with a flair of beloved Sesame Street characters that keep them drawn into the material. Another great feature is for parents, and it is centered on how to speak to your children about the upcoming move and address topics that could come up.

Bloom: Empowering the Military Teen

Hear the voices of military teens through NMFA’s arm of teen advocates! Bloom has quickly become the premier voice of military teens by providing an inclusive and safe space for teens to connect and support one another. They use the power of social media and their website to connect teens just like them to discuss military moves, school transitions, deployments, and adolescence. Bloom’s content and blogs are by military teens for military teens, so you will learn precisely what is on their minds from their stories. Read their latest blogs for insight on military moves and how your teen could get involved.

In closing, our best advice is to be empathetic to one another’s voices on the topic of moving. We know military families are resilient during any mission, and a PCS move is no different. These resources will give you and your family the best plan to process and execute your PCS move. We know military families serve too, and together with our partners, we are here for you!