A Big Surprise for One Military Family this Veteran’s Day


November is a busy one for military families — and for NMFA. Between military balls, Marine Corps birthday, and Veterans Day, our staff has been traveling all over the country to represent military families. While standing at the Military Influencer Conference, we got a call from the producers of the Emmy-award-winning show, “The Talk,” on CBS. The producers had a donor who really wanted to honor a deserving military family this Veterans Day. They asked if we knew of any families that fit the bill? Our answer? Of course! Every military family we work with is deserving, and we want them all honored on the show! The tough reality: only one family could go on the show, and we had 48 hours to find a family that was able to make it to CBS studios in Los Angeles.

Our programs department and West Coast team jumped into action, searching for military families that were willing to talk about their military life experience, and appear on a national TV show. That’s where the Starr family comes in. We asked if they’d be willing to go on the show, before connecting them with producers. The twist is that we couldn’t tell the family – whoever it was – that they’d be getting a big surprise on the show!

We are so grateful the Starr family agreed to appear on the show and pour their heart out. They discussed issues that affect everyone in the military. Master Sergeant Nick Starr is an EOD tech and about to retire after almost 20 years in the Marine Corps. Heidi has been by his side the whole time, traveling all over the world. Along the way, the couple had three sons. On top of the regular stressors of military life, they also have children with special needs. Despite this, they’ve always been the first to ask how they can help others around them and their community. They went on the show not knowing what to expect, and they were surprised with a $15,000 trip to North Carolina to visit family and a check for $25,000 to help with their transition from Active Duty life to retired life. We are so happy to have played a small role in connecting an amazing military family with CBS.

By: Lauren Lewis