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June 2024 Fundraising Appeal

Did you know military families earn $14,000 a year less than their civilian peers?

Frequent military moves take a toll on a military spouse’s career trajectory and hurt the family’s financial security. The sacrifices made by our nation’s military families often go unnoticed.

Although a military spouse is willing and eager to contribute to their family’s financial security:

  • Military spouses earn 26.8% less income than their non-military counterparts
  • The military spouse unemployment rate is 21% compared to the 3.7% national rate
  • 44% of military families report that spouse employment issues significantly stress their family life

Since 2004, NMFA has supported military families through our unique programs. This includes $9M in scholarships to military spouses to help pay for everything from GED’s to PhD’s, professional licenses, and certifications through the Joanne Holbrook Patton Scholarship Program.

While our programs are helping remove barriers for military spouses, we need your help. Thousands of spouses apply for our scholarships yearly, but only 10% will receive funding. Please donate today to support our programs and help lighten the financial burden on our nation’s military families.