Donor Spotlight: Humana Military


Each of our generous donors and partners has a special story for why they choose to support military families through NMFA. We are honored to share these stories with you.

Humana Military, a leader in supporting the health and well-being of the military community, has partnered with NMFA for more than two decades. Together we have amplified the issues impacting the health of our community and worked to improve the lives of the families we both serve. Through fundraising campaigns, critical engagement on the Capitol Hill and events that amplify the voices of military families, Humana Military has been a steadfast partner.

Matching Dollar for Dollar

Giving Tuesday is a global movement held the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, encouraging people to give back to their communities by sharing their time, donating, or raising their voices. On Giving Tuesday, Humana Military is our partner in all three.

For years, Humana Military has rallied support for NMFA by matching all donations made on Giving Tuesday, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000. Year after year, we have met our fundraising goal to sustain and strengthen our programs for military families. This partnership multiplies the campaign’s impact and motivates others to join in and support our cause.

Standing Up for Military Families

Our collaboration with Humana Military addresses programmatic support for military families and conversations that lead to real change.

“As we work to solve to the biggest challenges facing our military families, Humana Military is a partner we can count on” said Besa Pinchotti, CEO of the National Military Family Association. “Humana Military has shown up for NMFA and for the families we serve for more than 20 years, and I look forward to this partnership continuing for the next 20 and beyond.”

From our signature Congressional reception honoring the best advocates for military families to our annual State of the Military Family Summit, Humana Military is committed to the cause.

“Now more than ever, military families need support, whether dealing with loneliness, food insecurity, or child care costs,” said Karen Moran, President, Humana Military. “NMFA has a long history of helping military families when and where they need it, and Humana Military is honored to partner with them.”

Together We’re Stronger

Humana Military’s dedication to military families is not limited to financial contributions; it extends to active engagement and a genuine desire to make a lasting impact. They choose to do it with NMFA, and together, we will continue to stand up and support all military families during peace and conflict.

To learn more about Humana Military and its mission to enrich the lives of those who serve and their loved ones, visit Humana Military’s website.