Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors holds the ultimate responsibility for the oversight of governance, finances and strategic vision of our Association. They give their time, treasure and talents to ensure we do our best to support military families.


Tina W. Jonas (USMC)

Vice Chairman

Michael Higgins (AF)

Corporate Secretary

Frank Cumberland (USAF)


Harry Thie (USA)

Board Members

Sid Ashworth, USA

Diane Altenburg, USA

Kelly Henry, USN

Suzanne Lederer, USA

Gail McGinn, USA, ex-officio

Gene Migliaccio, USAF


Stephanie Murphy, USN

Holly Petraeus, USA

J. Paul Reason, USN

Dana Richardson, USN

Stephen Scroggs, USA

Tom Stanners, USN

Mary Lynn Stevens


*Each member of the Board contributes financially, participates on standing committees, and connects us with individuals and/or organizations that can help NMFA forward its mission.


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