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What’s On Your Birthday List? Probably Not This…

Kids and gifts seem to go hand in hand, right? From birthdays, to holidays, the lists of gotta-have-its never stop growing. But for nine year old Chloe Megaro, and seven year old Miya Megaro, their gotta-have-its were a little different … Continue reading
Thu, 24 Apr 2014 15:00:34 +0000

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Having the Hard Conversation: Life Insurance for Military Families
Everyone in the world has unpleasant tasks they’d like to avoid. Maybe you’ve been meaning to clean the junk out of your garage for months. Or you have boxes overflowing with old photos that should be organized into albums.

TRICARE for Life Pharmacy Pilot Details
The pilot began in mid-March and requires TFL beneficiaries who fill prescriptions for maintenance drugs at a retail pharmacy to switch to either home delivery or a military treatment facility pharmacy. TFL beneficiaries affected by the pilot were notified by Express Scripts in February.

RAND Study Highlights Gaps in Support for Military Caregivers
On April 1, the RAND Corporation released results from the largest-ever study of military caregivers, commissioned by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. The study was designed to describe the magnitude of military caregiving as well as to identify gaps in the array of programs, policies, and initiatives designed to support military caregivers.

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