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“The strength of our Soldiers is our Families.”
-General Raymond T. Odierno, General and 38th Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army

For more than forty five years, military families of all ranks and Services have depended on us. We help families of combat-weary service members, anxious children awaiting a parent’s return, spouses seeking educations to better their families or prepare for the unthinkable, widows coping with their losses, and proud parents of single service members. We do whatever it takes to resolve challenges for these families.

You, too, can make a lasting impact on the lives of military families. Your gift will help us provide the support they need for years to come.



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Other Ways to Give

There are multiple ways to give back to military families. Looking for information on donations in lieu of wedding, holiday and corporate gifts, stock donations, or workplace giving? Learn more >>

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Planned Giving

Want to include us in your will, make a gift from your retirement account or life insurance? Learn more >>

Join or Renew as a Member

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Whether you’re a friend, relative, or a military family yourself — we hope you’ll sign up to show your support. Your $15 allows us to accomplish our goals of protecting the rights and benefits of military families, and helps support programs to improve their lives.

Those who have given a $15 gift helped us:

  • Obtain more childcare centers, extended hours, and youth programs for families dealing with long shifts or deployments.
  • Change the Family and Medical Leave Act which permit military spouses and parents more time off from work to help the wounded without fear of losing their jobs
  • Create additional funding for psychological care to better help families cope with wartime stress
  • Secure in-state tuition for military families.
  • Achieve full replacement value on families’ belongings damaged during a move
  • Provide for a $100,000 death gratuity for military widows and children, increased from the $6,000 provided before our efforts.
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As a member of the National Military Family Association, you'll enjoy access to benefits like:

  • Eligibility to apply for membership with Pentagon Federal Credit Union
  • Eligibility to receive our all-in-one publication, Military Family News, giving you the latest news relevant to military families, info from news releases and briefings, and current events and programs taking place within the Association
  • Invitations to limited-access events

Our ability to improve the lives of military families around the world is dependent on memberships from people like you.

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The National Military Family Association is at the forefront of the issues that matter most to military families. Whether it is writing letters in support of legislation, keeping track of bills in Congress, or providing testimony, if it affects military families, we are here. We remain constantly updated on the latest issues that affect the lives of military families and provide a voice for their concerns. We care about the quality of life for military families and the issues they are faced with every day.

Who is the best advocate for military families? Military families.

Learn how we, as military families ourselves, interact with our own community to understand what issues are the most significant. Find out what you can do to make sure that the well-being of military wives, husbands, children, parents, and siblings is at the forefront of policymakers' minds.

Policy Issues

Follow us to the steps of the Capitol as we identify needs and advocate for military family benefits.


Child Care

End Sequestration

Health Care

Mental Health

Military Children's Education

Spouse Education + Career Support


2015 Issues + Actions

Our Association’s highest priority is to fight for military families. We fight to protect the programs and services that allow them to meet the challenges of military life and maintain readiness. Our Nation’s leaders cannot ignore the promises they made. Learn more>>

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Military Family Legislation

Find out how the FY15 NDAA and other pertinent legislation affects your family. Learn More>>

Sign a petition

Sign our Petition

Sign our petition asking Congress not to change TRICARE without a thorough analysis of the true out-of-pocket costs imposed on military families. Sign now!



Find information about the status of current legislation and how to contact your elected officials. Learn More>>

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Star Wars Volunteers

Our Volunteers devote more than 14,000 hours annually toward educating, informing, and strengthening military families. Be the voice for your local military community.

Here are 3 reasons to join our Volunteer Corps:

  1. To advocate for military families.
  2. To change your military community for the better.
  3. To network with other military spouses.

As a Volunteer you’ll get one-on-one mentoring, comprehensive training, and access to our scholarships, internships and job opportunities.

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Volunteers Only

Are you a current Volunteer looking for resources and information? This section is for you.

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Who We Are

Want to know who is behind the curtain?

Find out more about our Volunteer Services Team.

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Your $15 helps us protect military families and develop programs to support them.

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