White House Launches New Website Focusing on State Licensure Hurdles for Military Spouses

It’s PCS season! You’ve packed up your kids and your stuff, found a new home in a great school district, said goodbye to your favorite coworkers… and are psyching yourself up to start the job hunt all over again. Will your license even transfer to your new state? The internet can take you down a dark hole and the answer isn’t always clear.

Today, the White House invited the National Military Family Association and other military family supporters to a formal unveiling of their new website designed to make those answers easier to find.

Veterans.gov/milspouses is the Department of Labor’s latest effort to improve the military spouse unemployment rate, which is four times higher than the current veteran unemployment rate of 3.7%.

Jenny Korn, a Marine spouse and Special Assistant to the President said it’s time to take what we’ve learned about veteran employment and apply it to military spouses. She called this website launch a continuation of the work done for the Executive Order signed in May 2018. The order requires federal agencies to report on how often they use their hiring authority to help military spouses and requires HR managers to receive annual training on how to use appointment authority.

Hollyanne Milley, spouse of the Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, talked about her 19 military moves over 33 years of military service. Hollyanne is a registered nurse and remembers the anxiety of each move and what it meant for her career. “Am I going to have to start over again? Am I going to have to start from the bottom? Will the job be in my skill set? And when I finally find the job, will I have to start over again?”

She says this new website will save military spouses hours of research and phone calls, making them more prepared for the challenges they’re sure to face. There’s an interactive map showing whether a license can be used temporarily, whether the process of getting a new license could be expedited and other employment resources. The White House is excited about the launch, but says it’s a work in progress and will only succeed when people start using it and giving them feedback.

Check out the new site and let us know what you think! We’ll pass along your feedback.

Posted June 28, 2018


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