Time to Celebrate! Apply for an NMFA Scholarship ALL YEAR LONG!

By: Shannon Prentice, Content Development Manager

Emily Yancey knows sacrifice. She’s a mother to her son and a caregiver to her husband, who is 100% disabled from his military service. Whatever her family needs, Emily makes sure they have it. But she often puts her own ambitions aside.

“I woke up and realized I didn’t have a dream,” Emily said. “I always told myself I didn’t need to go to school because I never wanted to take money away from the things my family needed.”

Emily’s story isn’t uncommon among military spouses who want to pursue education or career goals but can’t because of things like finances, frequent moves, or caring for an injured spouse.

Like Emily, others need money to support their family and, putting themselves last, either choose not to spend money back to school or just plain don’t have the funds.

Emily received a scholarship from NMFA, which allowed her to pursue a certification in culinary arts. She says having this education gave her a career that lets her contribute to her family, lifestyle, and community. Cooking as a family helped them heal after their lives changed when Emily’s husband was medically retired in 2013.

Heather Wooden, a military spouse and NMFA scholarship recipient, says she was ready to chase her own dreams after years of doing what was convenient for her family. The mother of five teenagers, Heather said the timing of going back to school sometimes felt like an inconvenience, so she enrolled in a distance learning program through Kansas State University. Online learning allows her to still be home for her kids and husband.

“Going back to school is not always convenient, but dreams usually aren’t,” she said. “My distance education is allowing me to realize my own dreams right alongside of my family as they realize their dreams. I no longer tell myself not to go after a career because it’s not convenient.”

With her scholarship, Heather will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics in 2019 and become a Registered Dietitian.

Military life isn’t always predictable and sometimes a military spouses’ education and career journey isn’t either. But it’s about to get a little easier.

Starting October 1, NMFA’s Military Spouse Scholarship application period will be open year-round to guarantee that no military spouse will have to put their dreams on the back burner just because they can’t afford to chase them.

This means no matter where they live, which school they want to attend, or what job certification or licensure they want to pursue, or business they want to start, it’ll never be too late for military spouses to apply for funding.

NMFA awards can be used for a variety of educational and employment pursuits, including: degrees, certifications, licensure, clinical supervision for mental health licensure, CEUs, business expenses and more! Any spouse with a valid military ID is eligible.

If you’re a military spouse who’s ready to chase your dreams, apply today!

Posted October 1, 2018



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