6 Financial Resources for Coast Guard Families During the Shutdown

As the shutdown continues, members of the United States Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Public Health Services (PHS) went unpaid today. If your family is affected, here are resources you can turn to for help.

Navy Federal Government Loan Shutdown Program
Eligible federal government employees and active duty Coast Guard members can enroll to receive financial assistance through NFCU’s Government Shutdown Loan Program. Loan amounts are based on the most recent direct deposit of pay prior to the shutdown. No credit checks, fees, or interest are associated.

USAA Government Shutdown Assistance
Known for their insurance and investment for military members and their loved ones, USAA Federal Savings Bank also offers financial help through their Government Shutdown Assistance. To be eligible, you must have a USAA Federal Savings Bank Checking account, Savings, account, or Certificate of Deposit as of January 13, 2019. Retirees and members separated from the Coast Guard, NOAA, or PHS are not eligible.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
The official relief society of the Coast Guard, the GCMA is a nonprofit offering financial aid to affected Coast Guard members. All Coast Guard personnel, including both military and civilian paygrades, are eligible to apply for aid. If your family is not included in the eligibility limitations, CGMA will consider unique and special circumstances on a case by case basis.

The American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance Program
Partnering with Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, the Legion’s TFA program provides a one-time grant of up to $1500 to households with minor children. These grants are to assist affected active duty Coast Guard members with shelter, food, utilities, clothing and other financial expenses.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Member working for an affected agency impacted by the shutdown are offered three financial assistance options through the PenFed Furlough Program, including direct deposit assistance, skip payment for the month of January on consumer loans and lines of credit, and a furlough loan option for members with no direct deposit with PenFed.

Veterans Benefits Administration
The VA is still open for business and ready to assist Veterans who are federal employees and are experiencing stress or hardship as a result of the shutdown. They've put together a wealth of resources for whatever your financial situation.

We will continue to update this list as we learn of new resources to help.


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