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My family attended an operation purple program family retreat in the past; can I apply again this year?

Yes! This pilot is designed to serve exclusively individuals who have participated in past Operation Purple experiences, including Buddy Camps, Healing Adventures (in person + at Home), Family Retreats, Operation Purple Camp for kids in-person, or Operation Purple Camp at Home.


My teen is going to camp this summer. Can we attend this event too?

Since this is an event designed for families who have had a previous experience with Operation Purple, at least one member of the family must have completed an Operation Purple experience PRIOR to this weekend. This means if your teen or family is scheduled to attend Operation Purple earlier in the 2022, you may also apply for this experience.


I have children who are not teens. Can they come?

Since the purpose of this experience is to strengthen the bonds between teens and their parents or guardians, children ages 12 and younger or ages 20 and older will not be able to attend. 


Our service member is still away on deployment. Can we attend the retreat without him/her?

Yes. We know teens benefit from strong bonds with either parent, and so the adult member of the household does not have to be the service member.  


We have more than one teen in our household. How many family members can attend?

We can admit up to 1 adult per teen to this experience. This means if you have 1 teen, you can send 1 teen and 1 adult from your household. If you have 2 teens, you can send 2 teens and 2 adults from your household, you will just need to fill out an additional application for the additional teen and adult pair.


Do I have to pay anything to attend an Operation Purple Parent x Teen Experience?

There is a $50.00 Hold My Spot Deposit to secure your family’s space. This deposit is refundable unless you would like to donate it for future Operation Purple programs. Food is provided to families at no cost. There are no activity fees or other expenses. Families are responsible for their own transportation to and from the program.

General Information


What should I bring to an Operation Purple Parent x Teen Experience?

Accepted families will receive a suggested list of items that they should plan to pack.


Is there medical staff available?

Medical staff are not provided at our Parent x Teen Experiences.


Is transportation provided?

Transportation to and from the Operation Purple program site is the responsibility of the selected family.


What type of food can we expect?

Guests enjoy hearty and balanced meals and snacks while attending the program. Meals are typically served buffet or family style. Vegetarian or specific dietary needs can be addressed with advance notice on registration forms. 


What types of activities are offered?

Each Operation Purple program site has a different focus and activities vary from site to site. Highly specialized field science educators will guide families through various activities such as nature hikes, canoeing, campfires, beach exploration, arts and crafts, and challenge activities. Most of your time will be spent outdoors (weather permitting) so families should come prepared to spend lots of time enjoying the scenery. 


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