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If our camp has partnered with Operation Purple before, do we need to fill out the application?

We are asking all potential summer camp partners for 2023 to complete the application, regardless of previous partnership. We are so grateful for the amazing camps we have worked with in the last 20 years, and excited to work with established partners again going forward. As our camp experience has evolved and our partners have grown, we want to ensure we have the most up-to-date information about each partner, their mission and values.


Our camp is not ACA accredited. Can we still apply?

Yes. The Operation Purple team will consider other forms of camp accreditation including University governing boards and state validation. The American Camp Association provides a robust set of standards and regular check-ins that allow us to ensure we are placing campers in safe, well-rounded environments. We will approve other forms of accreditation in conversation with camps.


How are you making camp selections for 2023?

Camp selection will be made based on information shared in the application as well as the demand for camps that serve military-connected youth in your area. This includes proximity to families with active-duty service members and/or veterans. We are prioritizing camps that can serve all military kids and are looking for locations where we can establish lasting partnerships.


What kind of inclusion policies is NMFA looking for?

It is the mission of NMFA to serve all military families across the 8 uniformed services. Our minimum expectation is that our camps will welcome and be able to safely serve every camper and military family member regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation and identity, economic status, differences of thought and expression, or all other areas of nondiscrimination for the United States military. From there, we want to confirm that there are systems in place to support all campers and ensure they are safe and supported throughout their camp experience.


What does implementation of the Operation Purple curriculum entail?

In 2022, the Operation Purple Camp curriculum has been revised to fit more seamlessly into a traditional camp schedule. It includes new elements like an Operation Purple song and opportunities for campers to share their experiences in short daily cabin or campfire conversations with a small group of peers. The NMFA team will work in partnership with camps to determine the best way to integrate Operation Purples curriculum into existing camp structures to ensure that camps cover each of the five major themes: pride & service, teamwork, stewardship, communication and empowerment.


What makes Operation Purple Camp unique?

For almost 20 years Operation Purple Camp has sent military-connected youth to a week of traditional summer camp across the U.S. Our camps serve both active-duty and veteran families from all 8 uniformed services and aim to allow youth from these families to connect on shared experiences with enjoying a week of outdoor activities. Operation Purple camps all use curriculum created and curated by professionals and Operation Purple Camp staff members to engage campers in conversations and activities that highlight their shared experiences and celebrate their families service to our country. Additionally, we have the added support of Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC’s) on site. They are trained professional counselors who add military competency and an added level of support to our camps. Our aim is that campers should walk away from a week of Operation Purple Camp with a send of pride, relaxation, and connection.


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