Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors brings knowledge and experience essential to our ability to deliver high-quality programs and services to the families behind the uniform.


ADM Henry G. Chiles, Jr., USN (Ret)


The Honorable Lawrence J. Korb

Chairman Emeritus & Founder

Ms. Anna C. Chennault


The Honorable Sheila Cheston

ADM Henry G. Chiles Jr., USN (Ret)

The Honorable David S.C. Chu

The Honorable Robert (Bob) Hale

Lt Gen Walter S. Hogle, Jr. USAF (Ret)

The Honorable Christopher Jehn

The Honorable Lawrence J. Korb

SgtMajMC & Mrs. Alford L. McMichael, USMC (Ret)


Lt Col & Mrs. Richard Moody, USAF  (Ret)

Mr. Craig Newmark

Ms. Phebe N. Novakovic

The Honorable Bernard Rostker

Gen & Mrs. Norton Schwartz, USAF (Ret)

MG Bruce K. Scott, USA (Ret)

Mrs. Joan Shalikashvili


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