58,318 Reasons to Remember Vietnam

By: MJ Boice, Staff Writer

Over the four days leading up to Veterans Day on November 11, each name etched into the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is read aloud, commemorating the 35th anniversary of its inception, and honoring the memory of lives lost.

58,318 names we should never, ever forget.

Volunteers from all over the country came to Washington D.C. to honor these brave souls, each reading 30 names in front of the memorial. Veterans who lost members of their unit paid homage to their fallen brethren, and family members read from lists that included their loved ones name as tears streamed down their faces.

NMFA staff and volunteers were honored and humbled to participate in preserving the memory of the 58,310 men and eight women who lost their lives in Vietnam. We learned that the average age of service members listed on the wall is 22 years and 9 months, and the youngest service member killed in action there was only 15 years old.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a wall meant to heal the Vietnam veteran community and their families; to ensure their legacy and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

More than 40 years have come and gone since the war in Vietnam came to an end, but for those whose loved one didn’t make it home, their wounds are still healing today. This Veterans Day, join us in helping our nation heal by promising to never forget the service and sacrifice that these brave men and women have made.

Posted November 11, 2017


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