TRICARE Managed Care Contractor Programs

Wounded, ill, or injured service members who are recuperating from home or don’t have access to the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) or a military treatment facility (MTF) can utilize the TRICARE Network for health care services. Each TRICARE Managed Care Contractor has created a program to assist wounded, ill, or injured service members.

Health Net Federal Services (North Region)
Health Net created the Warrior Care Support Program (WCS). Each Warrior is provided his/her own Health Care Coordinator who works together with the MTF and VA serving as the point of contact for all civilian health care services. Phone numbers vary by region.

Humana Military Healthcare Services (South Region)
Humana established the Warrior Navigation & Assistance Program (WNAP) to help guide warriors and their families through the military and VA’s health care systems, connect them with community resources, non-medical services, and civilian health care in order to return them to productive lives. These services are for active duty, reserve component, or those in the process of being medically retired wounded, ill, or injured service members. Call them at 1.888.4GO.WNAP (888.446.9627).

TriWest Healthcare Alliance, Corp (West Region)
TriWest created a Wounded Warrior Project. Those who are wounded, ill, or injured, and who have been flagged by DoD in DEERS as a warrior in transition or self-identify as a wounded warrior and state during the call that they are experiencing difficulty accessing health care are escalated to their Priority Programs Unit. This elevation occurs internally so that all of their needs are addressed. The number for TriWest is 1.888.TriWest.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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