VA Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) publishes an annual booklet called "Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents" with up-to-date dollar amounts for each benefit and a more in-depth explanation of all VA benefits for surviving family members. It is also available on the VA website at You can also request a copy from the Department of Veterans Affairs by calling their local office. The phone number for the local VA office may be found in the blue pages of your local phone book under U.S. Government Offices.

In late 2005, the VA created a special web page devoted to issues pertaining to survivors. The page is divided into two sections. It provides benefit information for spouses and dependents of military personal who died while in active military service and to survivors and veterans who died after active service. The page also includes information from federal agencies and organizations that offer related benefits and services to survivors and dependents.

The Office of Survivors Assistance (OSA) was established in October of 2008 and is the primary advisory to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs on all matters related to policies, programs, legislative issues, and other initiatives affecting Veterans’ survivors and dependents.

Home Loan Guaranties

An unmarried surviving spouse is eligible for VA Home Loan Guaranty program.

VA Grief Counseling

The Office of Readjustment Counseling in the Department of Veteran Affairs offers grief counseling to families of members who die on active duty. These services are available through offices at the 232 community-based veterans’ centers throughout the United States. For more information, call 202.273.9116.

Burial & Memorials

The VA will provide headstones and markers for eligible veterans and family members.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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