20/20/15 Benefits

A “20/20/15” former spouse qualifies for medical benefits for one year from the date of the divorce or annulment if all of the following qualifications are met:

  • The parties have been married for at least 20 years (date of marriage to date of divorce decree or annulment);
  • The service member performed at least 20 years of service creditable for retirement pay; and
  • There is at least a 15 year overlap of the marriage and military service.

A “20/20/15” former spouse who has employer sponsored medical insurance is not eligible for the one year transitional medical care. However, if the employer plan is optional, the former spouse may decline that insurance and participate in the one year benefit.

“20/20/15” spouses are not eligible for commissary, exchange, or MWR privileges. Children residing in the household of a separated spouse continue to be eligible for commissary privileges until the divorce is final. Once the divorce is final, children residing in the home of a former spouse who is not authorized commissary privileges are not considered to be members of the authorized sponsor’s household for purposes of commissary privileges, even if the sponsor provides or maintains the household. Children continue to be entitled to use the exchange and MWR if they are dependent on the sponsor for over 50 percent of their support.

Former spouses, who do not qualify for any military medical care, have the right to enroll in the Department of Defense Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP). Coverage under this plan is almost identical to TRICARE Standard and covers pre-existing conditions, including pregnancy. The plan must be purchased quarterly and a former spouse may retain the plan for 36 months after the loss of eligibility for military medical care. Current quarterly premiums are $1,275 for an individual and $2,868 for a family. These premiums are in effect from October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2015. For current rates and more information visit the CHCBP website.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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