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State or local certifications and/or licenses are required in many portable careers. While the licensing and certifications process can present obstacles, such portable careers can be a great choice for a military spouse trying to maintain a career throughout countless PCS seasons. Licensing and certification cover a wide variety of fields and include trade school programs.

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State Licensing Requirements

State licensing requirements may restrict career portability for some military spouses.

Those military spouses who require a license to work are encouraged to contact their state licensing board early to inquire about the licensing process.

Efforts have been made to streamline license portability for military spouses using one of three strategies: endorsing existing licenses, issuing temporary licenses, or conducting expedited review processes for military spouses.

However, some states exclude certain professions from meeting these requirements, such as attorneys or teachers.

If you are PCSing with a Nursing license, click here to view our checklist.

If you are PCSing with Mental Health credentials, click here to view our checklist.

If you are PCSing with a Teaching license, click here to view our checklist.

Be sure to review the licensing requirements in the state where you are planning to seek work. 

Spouse Licensure Map with Key

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