Members of Congress—Please Do Your Part to Help Military Families!

Earlier this week, we posted a letter to President Obama, asking him to stick by his promises and protect military families from the effects of what has become a series of budget crises. Today, we call on the Members of the House of Representatives and Senate to do the same.

We’ve already taken one hit – sequestration – but what’s looming around the corner could cause an even greater upset. The next shoe to drop is a potential government shutdown at the end of March—unless Congress and the President agree on how to keep funds flowing when the Continuing Resolution expires on March 27.

Military families who’ve sacrificed protecting our Nation during more than a decade of war now doubt our Nation’s leaders’ commitment to supporting their service. Each day military families live in fear caused by numerous uncertainties, worried about their service members’ safety and about their well-being as a family recovering from frequent deployments and war. And despite the public outcry for stronger support from our leaders, our families are facing more uncertainty. We know from previous government shutdown scares that military families want assurances that the support for their service member at war will not be threatened. Service members far from home want to know their families will be cared for.

Our military protects this great Nation and keeps millions safe around the world. The military is often referenced as the 1% who protects the other 99%. If our leaders cannot protect that 1%, then what does that say to the rest of our citizens? Our military is the core of what makes the United States what it is today. And it’s the stability and support of military families that keep our service members in the fight every day to ensure those of us at home can sleep well at night.

While we don’t know yet how real the threat of a possible government shutdown is, we do know the fears military families have are very real. We’re encouraged by the House of Representatives approval of a bill on March 6 that would keep the government funded. The bill would also shift money into DoD operating accounts to give it more flexibility to meet its needs. We’re also appreciative of efforts in the Senate to allow DoD leaders more authority on how to manage cuts. While we’re dismayed these efforts don’t stop the sequestration cuts, we hope they could help soften the blow.

We ask you, on behalf of all our service members and their families, to work together to pass a bill that prevents a shutdown and allows DoD to do what it must to strengthen both our military readiness and our military families. Do it now. Don’t let the uncertainty of a government shutdown add worry to our military families who shoulder a great burden on behalf of our Nation. We cannot allow for a hollow military, which will inevitably lead to a hollowed Nation.

The National Military Family Association is determined to make the voice of military families heard and ensure their interests are protected as promised. We are gathering resources that military families can use to help provide relief and comfort during this difficult time we face as a Nation.

Let it be known that at the National Military Family Association we support our country and its government, but we will NOT back down when it comes to fighting for the needs of military families. It is time to hold our leaders accountable for the broken promises made to support and care for our troops and their families.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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