2013 Joanne Holbrook Patton Scholarship Program Recipients

In 2013, the National Military Family Association spouse scholarship program awarded $274,500 to 254 military spouses. Our scholarship recipients are all military spouses representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Some are spouses of wounded veterans, some are surviving spouses, and others are spouses of active duty service members, guardsmen, or reservists.
The Association is honored to recognize and award military spouses and assist in giving them an opportunity to reach their educational goals.  As one spouse puts it, “Military families face unique challenges regarding education, I personally moved from one city to another and began to piece together our lives in a new area, as well as put together educational plans for myself.”
Along with the general scholarships awarded to spouses seeking higher education, this year marks the first year we offered scholarships to students seeking a mental health career. To qualify for our Mental Health Career scholarship the applicants must have completed, at a minimum, a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Psychiatry, Counseling or Social Work, and need to be seeking clinical supervision hours as a requirement for their clinical licensure.

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2013 Scholarship Winners

 Abby Sims
 Aislinn Deely
 Alena Barosa
 Alexann Masiko-Meyer
 Alison Portis
 Alita Baggett
 Allison Hagan
 Allison Burnett
 Allison Murphy
 Alyssa Stiles
 Amanda Todd
 Amanda Adams
 Amanda Deal
 Amanda Oakley
 Amanda Walker (Jones)
 Amber McCart
 Ameye Carpenter
 Amy Creason
 Amy Dituri
 Amy Fuhs
 Amy Muir
 Ana Karina Chavez
 Angela Farr
 Angelia Dittmeier
 Angelina Plater
 Angelina Suarez-Popplewell
 Anna Eklund
 April Abreu
 Ashley Wallis
 Ashley Fielder
 Ashley Haynes
 Ashley Louie
 Astrid Santini
 Barbara Blackford
 Barbara Toscano
 Beatriz Giraldo
 Bianca Strzalkowski
 Blanca Alejandra Svensson
 Brenda Valdez
 Brittany Curtis
 Brittany Taylor
 Brittany Thompson
 Bukola Olatunji
 Callista Tkacs
 Carmelita Taylor
 Carmen Johnson
 Carmen Waga
 Carolina Johnsen
 Carolyn Blumenfeld
 Carrie Scheib
 Cassandra Flowers
 Cassandra Turner
 Catherine McGuire
 Catherine Schopp
 Cathy St. Julien
 Celena Janton
 Celia Nilson
 Celine Texier-Rose
 Charlotte Stewart
 Chelsea Watkins
 Cheryl Moore
 Christin Hall
 Christina Webb
 Christina Wheeler
 Christine Bessler
 Corinne Blake
 Courtney Harrison
 Courtney Johnson
 Cristina Vera
 Csilla Lyerly
 Cynthia McQuarrie
 Dana Thompson
 Danielle Allison
 Danielle Hochrine
 Dawn Hall
 Deborah Ellis
 Debra Milstein
 Denise Gil-Perez
 Diane Porter
 Donnice Roberts
 Elizabeth Bull
 Elizabeth Jennings
 Elizabeth Spatz
 Elizabeth Walters
 Emily Flaming
 Erica Bryant
 Erin Lamb
 Erin Stock
 Faith Hess
 Frances Karnuth
 Frances Sharp
 Gerivonni Darden
 Gina Xavier
 Gordon Azeb
 Guadalupe Gonzalez
 Hanna Sauer
 Heather Pahman
 Heather Pell
 Jacquelyn Barnes
 Jamie Womble
 Janee Zimmerman
 Jayme McArthur
 Jayme Bering
 Jennefer Walden
 Jennifer Kyte
 Jennifer Mashburn
 Jessica Olivarez
 Jessica Byrd
 Jessica Dunn
 Jessica Fikes
 Jessica Fountain-Bowlus
 Jessica Yost
 Jill Hendrickson
 Johanna Gomez
 Joyce Lindsey
 Joyce Vang
 Judy Stine
 Julie DeLeon
 Kaitlin Orcutt
 Kamilia Seay
 Karen Caverly Molineaux
 Katherina Kirby
 Katherine Anders
 Katherine Cole
 Katherine Phillips
 Kathleen Whittle
 Kathryn Curry
 Kathryn McDevitt
 Katie Hill
 Katrina Zilberman
 Kelley Jeans
 Kelly Fennell
 Kelly Gress
 Kelvin Telesford
 Khali Koetting
 Kiley Spicocchi
 Kimberley Marcopul
 Kimberley Wildman
 Kimberly Dong
 Kourtney Johnson
 Krista Nielson
 Kristi Stauffer
 Kristin Grimes
 Kristin Tubbs
 Laura Watson
 Laurel Wood
 Lauren Martin
 Lauren Sims
 Leah Coppo
 Leah Eischen
 Leah Roberts
 Leofe Douglas
 Lianna Bodine
 Linda Maldonato
 Lisa Lamar
 Loubna Bouna
 Luella Cook
 Makeeka Harris
 Mallory Galbreath
 Margaret Trimble
 Mariah Armenta
 Marie Brown
 Marion Hudson
 Marleen Cook
 MarQuita Banks
 Mary Beth Ratzlaff
 Mary Malone
 Maureen Skinner
 Megan Zimmerman
 Megan Mayo
 Meghan Fields
 Megumi Fuda
 Melanie Stone
 Melinda Gabriel
 Melissa Spurling
 Melissa Wilkerson
 Michael Crowley
 Michael Moberley
 Michelle Jackson
 Michelle Krupa
 Mina Petrosino
 Nancy Barnes
 Nanyail Smoke
 Naomi Lorence
 Natalie Purdy
 Neah Velasquez
 Nicholle McLochlin
 Nicole Brackins
 Nicole Parker
 Nicole Berliner
 Nikita Casanova
 Nikki Brown
 Patricia Burnette
 Patricia Carreno
 Patricia McCurdy
 Phyllis Adams-Pickett
 Rachel Jacobs
 Rachel Selph
 Rachelle Vaughn
 Rebecca Letterman
 Rebecca Royer
 Rebecca Scott
 Rebecca Tay
 Reina Zuniga
 Rhonda Lucas
 Rhonda Maynard
 Robert West
 Robin Soifer
 Rochelle Sosa
 Sabita Walkup
 Sally Windisch
 Sandy Cullins
 Sara Seemayer
 Sarah Dryer
 Sarah Goodman
 Sarah Jackson
 Sarah Milo
 Sarah Staggs
 Sefra Perkins
 Shalee Torrence
 Shari Williams
 Shawna Dennison
 Shelby Rose
 Shenae Whitehead
 Sherika Hite-Feast
 Sherry Matis
 Shirley Chitjian
 Sofie Castacio
 Sonja Harris
 Stacey Helman
 Staci Chiomento
 Stephanie Dannan
 Stephanie Foehl
 Stephanie Lee
 Stephanie Olson
 Susan Hampton
 Susan Hernandez
 Tabitha Thompson
 Talia Clate
 Tamika Montgomery
 Tammy Wilson
 Tana Kornachuk
 Taryn Allen
 Tatyana Peterson
 Tiffany Herndon
 Tilma Cruz
 Tina Anderson
 Tina Johnson
 Tonya Murray
 Tracy LaBreck
 Veronica Jones-Felton
 Veronica Joseph
 Wendy Linehan
 Whitney Harrison


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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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