2012 Joanne Holbrook Patton Scholarship Program Recipients

The National Military Family Association is pleased to announce the scholarship recipients for the 2012 Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program. Scholarships of up to $1,000 are awarded to spouses of uniformed service members (active duty, National Guard and Reserve, retirees and survivors) to obtain professional certification or to attend post-secondary or graduate school.

Our Association created its scholarship program to provide financial assistance to military spouses who are working toward their education goals. Through the inspiration of Joanne Holbrook Patton, who recognized a scholarship serves both as a reward and an incentive, our Association launched the program to enhance military spouse career potential.


2012 Scholarship winners with Service affiliation:

Aidan Wolfe, Army 
Aki Davis, Marine Corps 
Alazae Jones, Army 
Alesha Kuechler, Army 
Alicia Ainsburg, Navy 
Alicia Garrigan, Navy 
Alicia Roche, Army 
Alison Hendrix, Navy 
Alison Schwartz, Army 
Allesandra Williams, Army 
Almarinda Turner, Navy 
Alysson Miller, Navy 
Amanda Barron, Army National Guard 
Amanda Coolidge, Army 
Amanda Gould, Army 
Amanda Jay, Army National Guard 
Amanda Jordan, Marine Corps 
Amanda Linville, Marine Corps 
Amanda Ruiz, Army 
Amanda Smith, Coast Guard 
Amanda Wilcox, Marine Corps 
Amanda Zahn, Marine Corps 
Amber Harvey, Army National Guard 
Amber McCart, Army 
Amber Sanchez, Army 
Amber Walls, Air Force Reserve 
Amelia Hastings, Marine Corps 
Amie Howard, Marine Corps 
Amie Yankey, Army 
Ammie Kozar, Air Force 
Amy Dozier, Army 
Amy Oliver Brown, Air Force 
Amy Taft, Navy 
Ana Madrid, Army Reserve 
Andrea Biggers-Tabaquero, Army 
Andrea Brattain, Army 
Andrea Moulton, Marine Corps 
Andrea Ramirez, Air Force 
Andrea Richardson, Army 
Andrea Torres, Army 
Angela Floyd, Marine Corps 
Angela Jenkins, Air Force 
Angelique Porres, Marine Corps 
Anja Centennial, Army 
Anna Carina Weber, Army 
Anna Deconti, Navy 
Anna Sereda, Army 
Anna Whitmer, Army 
Anne Bowden, Army 
Annette Vega, Army 
Apollonia Messick, Air Force 
April Abreu, Marine Corps 
April Pixler, Army 
Argelis White, Army 
Armida Salinas, Army 
Aron Galvan, Navy 
Ashley Littleton, Army 
Ashley Louie, Air Force 
Ashley Mateo, Coast Guard 
Ashley Rinell, Marine Corps 
Ashley Tisdale, Marine Corps 
Ashley Udulutch, Army 
Ashley Zwijacz, Army 
Ashton Friedman, Marine Corps 
Audrey Chandler, Marine Corps 
Audrey Daugherty, Army 
Audrey Pepe, Army 
Barbara Beck-Azar, Army Reserve 
Barbara Blackford, Army 
Barbara Hocevar Kalkas, Navy 
Barbara Selje, Army 
Beatriz Giraldo, Army 
Becky Robinson, Army 
Betuel Raghunandan, Army 
Beverly Poyer, Army 
Beverly Walton, Army National Guard 
Boriana Helmick, Army 
Brandy Briggs, Air Force 
Brenda Indyk, Army 
Bridget McManaman, Army 
Britnie Bessellieu, Navy 
Brittany Bowden, Marine Corps 
Brittany Dorner, Navy 
Brittany Johnson, Navy 
Brittany Sowers, Army 
Brook Wilson, Air National Guard 
Brooke Taylor, Air Force 
Camille Augustine, Army Reserve 
Candace Tavzel, Marine Corps 
Candice Duncan, Army 
Carissa Tourtelot, Marine Corps 
Carli Taylor, Air Force 
Carmen Pease, Air National Guard 
Carol Lee Tyson, Army Reserve 
Carolina Johnsen, Army 
Carolyn Abrams, Army 
Carolyn Alexander, Marine Corps 
Carolyn Cooper, Marine Corps 
Carrie Faith, Army 
Cecilia Ayanwale, Navy 
Cecille Newberry, Army 
Chantel Williams, Army 
Charity Lander, Navy 
Charmaine Cook, Army 
Chelsea Lambert, Army Reserve 
Chelsea McGivney, Air Force 
Cheri Aguiar, Air Force 
Cheri Carino, Navy Reserve 
Cheri Cruz, Army National Guard 
Cherish McCarron, Navy 
Cheryl Sczepanski, Army 
Cheyanne Witcher, Marine Corps 
Chris Bergin-Sperry, Army 
Christina Duncan, Air National Guard 
Christina Halfhill, Marine Corps 
Christina Stevenson, Marine Corps 
Christina Van Dorn, Army 
Christine Sabatowski, Air Force 
Christine Yazzie, Army 
Christy McKethan, Army National Guard 
Christy Russell, Army 
Cierra Chavez, Army 
Cindy Ramos, Army 
Claudia Clevenger, Marine Corps 
Claudia Ells, Army National Guard 
Claudia Nizamuldin, Army 
Colleen Bracchi, Air Force 
Cory Hansen, Air Force 
Courtney D'Allura, Army 
Courtney Harrison, Army 
Crystal Carter, Army 
Dalene Hart, Army 
Dana Dumar, Army 
Daniel Franco, Navy 
Danielle Barber, Army National Guard 
Danielle Bartell, Army 
Danielle Durivage, Marine Corps 
Danielle Maxon, Air National Guard 
Danielle Pokorny, Marine Corps 
Danielle Puccetti, Navy Reserve 
Danika Siegfried, Army 
Darla Baugh, Air Force 
Darla Jones, Army 
Dawn Garrigus, Navy 
Dawn McDaniel, Army National Guard 
Deanna Bush, Navy 
Deborah Venetz, Army 
Denise Gonzalez, Army 
Denise Laakmann, Army 
Diana Chaustre Rivera, Army 
Diana Reyes, Air Force 
Diana Zuniga, Air Force 
Diane Porter, Army 
Dimitra Snyder, Army Reserve 
Donnice Allason Roberts, Army 
Elena Cooper, Army 
Elizabeth Bull, Army National Guard 
Elizabeth Carson, Army 
Elizabeth Pelka, Army 
Elizabeth Sweeney, Air Force 
Ella Niemela, Army 
Elly Wonacott, Army 
Emily Kemp, Air National Guard 
Emily Petersohn, Marine Corps 
Emily Prevo, Army 
Emma Crews, Army 
Eric Darden, Navy 
Erica Jones, Army 
Erica Rios, Marine Corps 
Ericka Robinson, Air Force 
Erin Dupey, Army 
Erin Schaible, Army 
Erin Stevens, Air Force 
Fatou Sesay, Navy 
Fawn Barker, Army 
Felicia Adams, Army 
Frances Smith, Army 
Gabriela Virgen, Army 
Gina Kleiv, Air Force 
Haley Vonier, Marine Corps 
Harmony Roberts, Air Force 
Heather Bury, Marine Corps 
Heather Dilbeck, Marine Corps 
Heather Gore, Army 
Heather McGraw, Air Force 
Heidi Millet, Army 
Hilary Johnson, Air Force Reserve 
Hillary Rayo, Air Force 
Holly Griffin, Army 
Hye Shin, Army 
Izabela Marsh, Navy 
Jackie Abrahamson, Air Force 
Jackielou Stofan, Air Force 
Jaclyn Haskell, Navy 
Jacquelyn Barnes, Army 
Jamie Womble, Army 
Janette Hamilton, Army 
Jaymi Bellotti, Army National Guard 
Jenessa Dailey, Army 
Jennifer Caldwell, Air Force 
Jennifer Carter, Coast Guard 
Jennifer Eckert, Army National Guard 
Jennifer Kussart, Army 
Jennifer Muscato, Air Force 
Jennifer Paulson, Marine Corps 
Jennifer Seeley, Air Force 
Jennifer Snyder, Marine Corps 
Jennifer Sue Wheeler, Army 
Jennifer Van Dillen, Marine Corps 
Jennifer White, Marine Forces Reserve 
Jesica Rasmussen, Army 
Jessica Dockins, Army National Guard 
Jessica Glickman, Marine Corps 
Jessica Hernandez-O'Hearn, Marine Corps 
Jessica Martin, Army 
Jessica Meredith, Army 
Jessica Molina, Navy 
Jessica Moore, Army 
Jessica Reynolds, Air Force 
Jessica Sexton, Army 
Jeyona Leanoflores, Navy 
Joanna Greenwood, Army 
JoAnne Roberson, Army National Guard 
Jody Blake, Air National Guard 
Jody Cameron, Air Force 
Jolene Richardson, Marine Corps 
Jordan Buechner, Army 
Joy Lucas, Army National Guard 
Joyce Lindsey, Army National Guard 
Julie Bentley-Sikes, Navy 
Julie Hentig, Army 
Julie Whitehead, Army National Guard 
Kahla Fisk, Army National Guard 
Kaitlin Yourous, Army 
Kami Tanner, Marine Corps 
Kamilia Seay, Army 
Kara Andryushina, Marine Corps 
Kara Gardner, Army 
Karen Butler, Air Force 
Karen Lopez, Marine Corps 
Kari Liess, Coast Guard 
Katherine Tighe, Coast Guard 
Kathleen E Letizia, Air Force 
Kathleen Lyons Zentar, Army Reserve 
Kathleen Rush, Army National Guard 
Kathrine Merry, Air Force 
Kathryn Miller, Army 
Katie Cook, Marine Forces Reserve 
Katie Reily, Army 
Katie Williams, Army
Katrina Davis, Army National Guard 
Kayla Langseth, Army 
Kaylin Burnor, Army National Guard 
Kelli Ruddle, Marine Corps 
Kelly Flading, Army 
Kelly Massey, Army 
Kelly Wyatt, Army 
Kelsee Krueger, Army 
Kerri Bak, Navy 
Kerry Brown, Air Force 
Khadijah Greenwood, Navy 
Kim Drown, Army 
Kimberly Bullen, Air Force 
Kimberly Padgett, Army 
Kimberly Rawlins, Army 
Kindelle Sudduth, Army 
Kira Watson, Marine Corps 
Krista Nielson, Army 
Krista Robey, Coast Guard Reserve
Kristen Thompson, Army 
Kristie Palfreyman, Army National Guard 
Kristin Grimes, Air Force Reserve 
Kristine Jones, Air Force 
Kristine Sheets, Marine Corps 
Krystal Reeves, Army 
Laura Brown, Army 
Laura Cabello, Navy Reserve 
Laura Castillo, Army 
Laura Hall, Army 
Laura Loomis, Army 
Laura Monk, Army 
Laura Toepfer, Army 
Laura Unger, Army 
Lauren Aaron, Marine Corps 
Lauren Ayube, Army 
Lauren Ortiz, Marine Corps 
Lauren Widmer, Air Force 
Lauren Young, Army 
Laurie Halpin, Army 
Leah Roberts, Army 
LeeAnn Enriquez, Marine Corps 
Leigh Reed, Marine Corps 
Leisl Morris, Army National Guard 
Lena Caron, Navy 
Leresa Peeler, Navy 
Leyda Rivera, Army 
Liliana Kaupiko, Army 
Linda Maldonato, Marine Corps 
Lindsay Dobberke, Marine Corps 
Lisa Beardsley, Army 
Lisa Winters, Army National Guard 
Lizette Hernandez, Marine Corps 
Loni Kingston, Army 
Lori McGuckin, Navy 
Lori Stokes, Army 
Luz Arellano - Fuentes, Army 
Lynda Burke, Army 
Lynnette Turns, Army 
Madalina Body, Marine Corps 
Maegan Clifton, Coast Guard 
Malinda Grose, Marine Corps 
Maria Mora Zapata, Marine Corps 
Maria Raquel Morcillo-Gallego, Navy 
Mariah Armenta, Marine Corps 
Marian Mondy, Air Force 
Marilena Beckstrand, Army 
Marilyn Worth, Marine Corps 
Marina Kueffoua, Navy 
Marisa Jaber, Army 
Marisol Balseca, Army 
Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach, Marine Corps 
Marla McCullough, Army National Guard 
Mary Allen, Army 
Mary Andrews, Navy 
Mary Beth Shannon, Marine Corps 
Matthew Libby Jr., Navy 
Megan Blevins, Army 
Megan Burrell, Army 
Megan Cain, Marine Corps 
Megan Laclaire, Army 
Megan Medur, Army National Guard 
Megan Stemley, Army National Guard 
Megan Zimmerman, Army 
Meghan Moretti, Army 
Meghan Williams, Coast Guard 
Melanie Bishop, Army 
Melanie Bjorkman, Navy 
Melanie Trujillo, Army 
Melina Mallard, Army 
Melinda St John, Air Force 
Melissa Carey, Marine Corps 
Melissa Contreras, Army 
Melissa Ethell, Army 
Melissa Olson, Marine Corps 
Meredith Smith, Air Force 
Merissa Pelletier, Army 
Michelle Aikman
Michelle Alanis Edwards, Navy Reserve 
Michelle Destruge, Army 
Michelle Dyke, Navy Reserve 
Michelle Marshall, Army 
Michelle Portell, Army 
Michelle Rankin, Marine Corps 
Mishaun Pew, Marine Forces Reserve 
Misty Bauer, Army 
Misty Strong, Army 
Monik Ortiz-Dawsey, Army National Guard 
Monique Green, Army 
Nareerat Dowd, Coast Guard 
Natalie Joyce-Maeda, Air Force 
Natalya Loban, Army 
Nathalie Roman, Army 
Nephrintini Gorman-Banhan, Navy 
Nettia Banton, Navy 
Nicholle McLochlin, Army National Guard 
Nicole Brackins, Army 
Nicole Das, Air Force 
Nicole Gray, Air Force 
Nicole Rojas, Air Force 
Nicole Weaver, Army National Guard 
Nina Moeller Helton, Army 
Noelia Rivera, Army 
Norma McMurray, Army 
Pamela Cooper, Air Force 
Patricia Creager, Army National Guard 
Patricia Ward, Army 
Paula Austin-Garcia, Army National Guard 
Peggy Bayless, Navy 
Pina Kent, Army 
Precious Goodson, Army National Guard 
Rachael Plymale, Navy 
Rachel R Wall, Army 
Rachel Sanders, Army 
Rachel Zaradich, Army 
Rebecca Burnham, Army 
Rebecca Carlman, Navy 
Rebecca Castille, Army 
Rebecca Luna, Army 
Reina Zuniga, Air Force 
Rena Watters, Air Force 
Renee Mathews, Army National Guard 
Renee VanKemseke, Marine Corps 
Rhea Johnstone, Navy 
Robyn Burgess, Army National Guard 
Rochelle Sosa, Army 
Ronnie Hopkins, Army 
Rosalind Spells, Army 
Rose Smith, Army 
Ryan Zeiset, Air Force 
Sabrina Taala, Army 
Sally WIndisch, Marine Corps 
samantha Hinkle, Army 
Samantha Lee, Army 
Sandi Lipovsky, Army 
Sandra Flowers, Army 
Sandra Martinez, Army National Guard 
Sandra Munoz, Army 
Sandra Myers, Army 
Sandra Pace, Army 
Sandra Reynolds, Army 
Sandra Rivera, Marine Corps 
Sandra Stewart, Army 
Sandy Snyder, Army 
Sara Hill, Marine Corps 
Sara Linderman, Marine Corps 
Sara Tworek, Army 
Sarah Cote, Army 
Sarah Helewa, Army 
Sarah Kirschner, Army 
Sarah Nadjadi, Army 
Sarah Silva, Air Force 
Sarah Torres, Marine Corps 
Sarah Urick, Army Reserve 
Serife Isbilir, Navy 
Shani Cohen-Herbert, Army 
Shannon Johnson, Army National Guard 
Shannon Lapinsky, Army National Guard 
Shari Humphrey, Army National Guard 
Sharon Arline, Army 
Sharron Tomlin, Army 
Shelley Lillard, Marine Corps 
Shelli McPherson, Army 
Sherilyn Demsar, Army 
Shermaine Sampson, Army 
Sherriann Innis, Army 
Sonia Mejia, Army 
Sonya James, Army 
Soojung Ko, Army 
Sparkle Capps, Army 
Stacey Schramm, Army National Guard 
Stacey Taylor, Army 
Stacey Thomas, Army 
Stacie Levao, Army 
Stephanie Lee, Army National Guard 
Stephanie Michaels, Marine Corps 
Stephanie Williams, Army 
Stephanie Zarama, Marine Corps 
Suky Watson, Army 
Summer Knight, Army 
Sun Park, Army 
Susan Hansen, Air Force 
Susan Honsinger, Air Force 
Susan Nielson, Navy 
Suzanne Burris, Army National Guard 
Sylwia Flaga, Air National Guard 
Tabitha Smith, Marine Corps 
Tammy Marquez, Marine Corps 
Taneyea Neild, Air Force 
Tara Forseth, Army 
Tara Peifer, Army 
Teki Jackson, Army 
Teresa Ballard, Air Force 
Teresa Guardiola, Army 
Teresa Tuttle, Army 
Theresa Martinez, Army 
Theresa Russell, Army 
Tierra Providence, Army 
Tiffani Graham, Navy 
Tiffany Borgmeyer, Navy 
Tina Johnson, Marine Corps 
Todd Rowe, Air Force 
Tomoko Ransen, Air Force 
Tonia Shaw, Air Force 
Torrey Fronk, Air Force 
Tracy Beegen, Army 
Tracy Warming, Marine Corps 
Tristan Frazier, Coast Guard 
Tuyana Mann, Marine Corps 
Valeria Fleming, Air Force 
Valerie Chartier-Hogancamp, Army 
Valerie Diaz, Army 
Valerie Mendoza, Marine Corps 
Valeta Ackerson, Army 
Vanessa Perez, Army 
Veronica Johnessee, Marine Corps 
Veronica Jones-Felton, Army 
Vickie Reed, Army National Guard 
Victoria Sorensen, Marine Corps 
Vikki Fishel, Navy 
Vilma Montoya, Marine Corps 
Vita Varner, Army 
Wendy Bermudez, Army 
Whitney Adams, Marine Corps 
Whitney Bradley, Marine Corps 
Wilda Santolalla, Army 
Willis Alexander,Jr, Army Reserve 
Yamileth Jimenez Valencia, Marine Corps 
Yemary Rivera, Air National Guard 
Yuliya Seaton, Army 
Zany McDonald, Marine Corps






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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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