2011 Joanne Holbrook Patton Scholarship Program Recipients

The National Military Family Association is pleased to announce the scholarship recipients for the 2011 Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program. Scholarships of up to $1,000 are awarded to spouses of uniformed service members (active duty, National Guard and Reserve, retirees and survivors) to obtain professional certification or to attend post-secondary or graduate school.

Our Association created its scholarship program to provide financial assistance to military spouses who are working toward their education goals. Through the inspiration of Joanne Holbrook Patton, who recognized a scholarship serves both as a reward and an incentive, our Association launched the program to enhance military spouse career potential.


2011 Scholarship winners with Service affiliation:

Amina Abou, Army National Guard
Valeta Ackerson, Army
Carri Alexander, Army Reserve
Marisa Alia-Novobilski, Air Force
Amanda Allen, Army
Brenda Allen, Army
Karly Allen, Army Reserve
Mary Allen, Army
Taryn Allen, Army
Alison Alloy, Army
Jules Allred, Air National Guard
Lisa Allyne, Air Force
Anna Rosa Alonzo, Army Reserve
Mary Andrews, Navy
Nicole Andrews, Navy
Saffiatou Ann-Daramy, Army
Veronica Arvizu-Mendoza, Marine Corps
Demra Ashmore, Army
Shannon Ayers, Air Force
Glenda Baer, Air Force
Karilyn Bales, Army
Sarah Ball, Navy
Marisol Balseca, Army
Wendy Barfield, Army
Nikki Baszynski, Air National Guard
Frisco Baugh, Air Force
Peggy Bayless, Navy
Jacquelyn Bean-Earner, Army
Megan Beckman, Army
Kathy Bellaire, Navy
Evelyn Benitez Hernandez, Army National Guard
Erica Bermudez, Army
Rebecca Berry, Army
Gesenia Betancourt, Marine Corps
Melanie Bishop, Army
Melisa Bissonnette, Army National Guard
Barbara Blackford, Army
Zeta Blankenship, Army
Jennifer Bolyard, Marine Corps
Rheba Bonaparte, Navy
Debra Boss, Air Force
Emily Boughner, Army National Guard
Brittany Bowden, Marine Corps
Maribel Bowers, Army
Katie Boyer, Army
Nicole Brackins, Army
Amy Brandal, Marine Corps
Kerry Brant, Army
Michelle Bretey, Army
Claudia Bretz, Army
Brianna Bright, Air Force
Chelsea Brittain, Marine Corps
Tamera Brodie, Air Force
Michelle Brooks, Army Reserve
Tiffany Brooks, Army
Jennifer Brown, Navy Reserve
Jennifer Brown, Army
Katie Brown, Army
Robyn Brown, Army Reserve
Cheryl Browning, Marine Corps
Nina Brumley, Air Force
Elizabeth Bumke, Marine Corps
Jennifer Burbage, Marine Corps
Robyn Burgess, Army National Guard
Gabrielle Burley, Navy
Suzanne Burris, Army National Guard
Jessica Burton, Navy Reserve
Diane Bustamante, Army
Jessica Byrd, Marine Corps
Azur Camarillo, Army National Guard
Jenny Campbell, Coast Guard
Heather Caplette, Army
Emily Cargill Lyons, Marine Corps
Carmen Carlisle, Marine Corps
Holly Carlson, Army Reserve
Crystal Carter, Army
Meredith Caruso, Marine Corps
Rebecca Castille, Army
Julie Catauro, Army National Guard
Anja Centennial, Army
Cory Cestero, Army
Margaret Chambers, Army
Samantha Chambers, Marine Corps
Katie Chargualaf, Air Force
Valerie Chartier-Hogancamp, Army
Amanda Cherry-Haus, Army Reserve
Vanessa Chism, Army
Mary Chrisman, Army National Guard
Elizabeth Church, Navy Reserve
Sharon Clarkson, Army
Mary Coble, Army
Brandi Cole, Marine Corps
Trudy Cole, Navy
Rensie Coleman, Army
Aidee Contreras, Air Force
Maureen Cormier, Navy
Adilene Cortez, Army
Nancy Cote, Army National Guard
Jill Cottrell, Army
Tonia Cowan, Army National Guard
Emily Cross, Army National Guard
Lindsy Crossley, Air Force
Jenna Crouch, Marine Corps
Brittany Crye, Marine Corps
Veronica Culberson, Army Reserve
Alora Cummings, Army National Guard
Vanessa Cunningham, Marine Corps
Wendy Curiel, Navy
Nicole Das, Air Force
Allason Davenport, Army
Zandra David, Marine Corps
Jeannette Davidson-Mayer, Army National Guard
Cathleen Davila, Army
Brenda Davis, Army
Deborah Davis, Navy
Whitney Daws, Coast Guard
Jeanette De Los Santos, Army
Dace Derkina-Smith, Army
Tilda Dike, Army
Katherine D'Imperio, Army
Samantha Dinwoodie, Army
Leila Dolan, Air Force
Janet Donahue, Army National Guard
Oscar Dorantes, Air Force
Leofe Douglas, Army National Guard
Jennifer Downey, Army
Kylee Duke, Army
Candice Duncan, Army
Christina Duncan, Air National Guard
Mara Dunn, Army
Stephanie Early, Navy
Simone Eatmon, Army
Kimberly Edgar, Navy
Lindsay Edinger, Army
Elizabeth Eljdid, Army
Judy Ellis, Army
Claudia Ells, Army National Guard
Brooke Fairchild, Army
Kathryn Falb, Army Reserve
Jennifer Fernandez, Army National Guard
Dana Fewkes, Navy
Tiffany Figueiredo, Army
Donnetta firster, Army
Kahla Fisk, Army National Guard
Britany Fitch, Army
Kelly Flading, Army
Danielle Fleming, Army
Sandra Flowers, Army
Angela Floyd, Marine Corps
Chastity Fluellyn, Army National Guard
Erin Foster, Army
Janette Fournier, Air National Guard
June Francis, Army National Guard
April Freeney, Army
Nadine Freiburger, Marine Corps
Sonia Freixa, Marine Corps
Kimberly Friederich, Army
Lauren Fuller, Navy
Katherine Gaffney, Navy
Sherri Gard, Marine Corps
Kara Gardner, Army
Joan Garshasb, Air Force
Karrie Garzelloni, Army
Christy Gaston, Navy
April Genao, Army
Sheila Gendron, Marine Corps
Jessica Gibson, Army National Guard
DeWonia Gillespie-Thomas, Navy
Beatriz Giraldo, Army
Trisha Gois, Army National Guard
Esther Goldsmith, Air Force Reserve
Karla Gomez Balladares, Army
Denise Goodwin, Marine Corps
Candy Goulet, Army
Kristin Green, Marine Corps
Sandra Greene, Navy Reserve
Kristin Grimes, Air Force Reserve
Rachel Grimes, Navy
Gabrielle Guerrero, Air Force
Evelyn Guevara, Air Force
Judy Guidry, Army
Melissa Gurrola, Marine Corps Reserve
Jason Haffeman, Army
Jenna Hafner, Marine Corps
Laura Hall, Army
Janette Hamilton, Army
Michele Harmon, Army National Guard
Melissa Harris, Air Force
Courtney Harrison, Army
Tabitha Hart, Marine Corps
Lara Heath, Marine Corps
Alison Hendrix, Navy
Brittany Henry, Army
Monica Henry, Air Force
Janene Hernandez, Marine Corps
Shannon Hernandez, Army National Guard
Sherry Hinch, Army
Stephanie Hinojosa, Army National Guard
Amanda Hoffman, Air Force
Jessica Hoffman, Army
Jordan Holst, Air Force
Anzumanara Hoque, Army
Ailyn Hoyle, Marine Corps
Angela Hubbard, Air Force
Rozalia Hubbs, Army
Shari Humphrey, Army National Guard
Janell Hurla, Air National Guard
Viktoria Hutter, Army
Krista Hyde, Coast Guard
Kendall Ibsen, Air Force
Sherriann Innis, Army
Candace Ireland, Army National Guard
Marisa Jaber, Army
Kathy Jackson, Army
Teki Jackson, Army
Lacie Jacobs, Air Force Reserve
Megan Jacobson, Army National Guard
Alisa Jannicke, Army
Ashleigh Jansen, Navy
Katherine Jayne, Army
Betsy Jeffries, Army Reserve
Tangela Jenkins, Marine Corps
Ydalia Jenkins, Army
Abbie Jennings, Army National Guard
Heather Jennings, Army National Guard
Jennifer Johns, Air Force
Carolina Johnsen, Army
Hilary Johnson, Marine Corps
Karin Johnson, Army
Sonya Johnson, Army
Alazae Jones, Army National Guard
Dana Jones, Army
Tar'Easha Jones, Army
Veronica Jones-Felton, Army
Kelley Kagele, Air Force
Sandra Kaster, Air Force
Vicki Keen, Coast Guard
Alisha Keener, Army
Shawna Keller, Army
Rhonda Kelly, Air Force Reserve
Emily Kemp, Air National Guard
Djeneba Kiema, Navy
Christina King, Air Force
Christina King, Navy
Christy King, Army
Loni Kingston, Army
Jennifer Kirk, Marine Corps Reserve
Kelly Kiser-Zakerski, Army National Guard
Becky Klepper, Marine Corps
Aimee Knight, Army
Lisa Kunz, Navy
Sarah Kurachek, Army National Guard
Jan Lalgee, Army
Chelsea Lambert, Army Reserve
Maegan Lamont, Army
Shannon Lapinsky, Army National Guard
Veronica Larkin, Army
Jennifer Laskowski, Army
Suzanne Lasseter, Army
Courtney Lee, Army
Kayla Lee, Air Force
Samantha Lee, Army
Stephanie Lee, Army National Guard
Emily Legault, Navy
Magdalena Lerner, Army
Kari Leslie, Army
Kimberley Lipczynski, Army
Sofana Little, Marine Corps Reserve
Ashley Littleton, Army
Elizabeth Lotz, Army
Victoria Lunceford, Army
Csilla Lyerly, Army National Guard
Brooke Maddox, Air Force
Amy Malone, Air Force
Elise Martin, Army National Guard
Diana Martinez Rivera, Air Force Reserve
Daniela Marton, Air Force
April Mase, Army
Ashley Mateo, Coast Guard
Milena Mateo-Ortiz, Army
Summer Mays, Army National Guard
HyLy McAlister, Air Force
Sarah McAuley, Army
Lindi McCallum, Army
Verenda McCown, Army
Emily McCoy, Army National Guard
Brittney McDonald, Marine Corps
Lori McGuckin, Navy
Katherine McGuire, Air Force
Christy McKethan, Army National Guard
Melissa McRae, Army
Lorna McRae Glanville, Army
MiSook McTighe, Army
Sonia Mejia, Army
Kimberly Merritt, Air Force
Steven Merwin, Air Force Reserve
Josephine Meziere, Army National Guard
Stephanie Michaels, Marine Corps
Rebecca Mickelson, Army
Diane Mildorf, Marine Corps
Stephanie Millis, Army
Micheal Mink, Marine Corps
Kalen Moldovan, Army
Janelle Moncla, Army
Alina Montano, Marine Corps
Mary Lynn Moore, Navy
Julie Moots, Army
Cheryl Moran, Army
Meghan Moretti, Army
Melanie Morgan, Army
Leisl Morris, Army National Guard
Jessica Murphy, Air Force
Kelly Murphy, Army
Lorraine Murray, Navy
Melissa Muse, Army
Sandra Myers, Army
Samantha Neal, Army
Jennifer Neely, Army National Guard
Hattie Nelson, Army
Jennifer Nichols, Army
Krista Nielson, Army
Raul Noa, Coast Guard
Cristin Norris, Navy
Brook Ockerman, Marine Corps
Joan O'Dowd, Air Force
Lauren Ortiz, Marine Corps
Shannon Ott, Air National Guard
Caren Owens, Marine Corps
Sandra Ownbey, Marine Corps
Kimberly Padgett, Army
Vanessa Painter, Coast Guard
Jill Palmer, Navy
Manjula Panakkal, Air Force
Bonnie Patterson, Army
Kristin Peney, Army
Brittany Penny, Navy
Amber Perez, Marine Corps
Amy Perez, Army
Cassandra Perry, Navy
Kelsey Perry, Navy
Anthony Peters, Air Force
Brianna Peterson, Army
Vanessa Pfeifer, Navy
Valorie Phillips, Air Force
April Pixler, Army
Ana Polanco, Navy
Cecilia Poland, Army
Sylvia Polite, Air Force
Jessica Polomsky, Army
Kelly Postle, Army National Guard
Si Prom, Marine Corps
Ani Pry, Army
Charlotte Pryor, Air Force
Janel Quichocho, Army
Emily Raffetto, Navy
Betuel Raghunandan, Army
Denise Rampolla, Air National Guard
Michelle Rathke, Navy
Sally Rebl, Army
Katie Reddin, Marine Corps
Leigh Reed, Marine Corps
Tabbie Reeder, Army National Guard
Laura Reihl, Navy
Andromeda Restrepo, Army
Michelle Reynolds-Madden, Army
Barbi Rice, Army Reserve
Nancy Rich, Army
Cameron Richardson, Army
Kimberlee Richardson, Air Force
Lisa Riley, Army
Erica Rios, Marine Corps
Leyda Rivera, Army
Yemary Rivera, Air National Guard
Michelle Rizzo, Army
Carmen Rodriguez, Marine Corps
Nathalie Roman, Army
Amanda Romero, Army
Avonne Rosario, Army
Shawna Rowan, Navy
Alma Royster, Air Force
Amanda Ruiz, Army
Christina Runyan, Navy
Nicole Rushford, Marine Corps
Lydia Russell, Army
Rachel Sanders, Army
Karen Santiago, Army
Erin Schaible, Army
Caroline Schillace, Marine Corps
Chastin Schmeichel, Army Reserve
Alison Schwartz, Army
Andrea Schweim, Air Force
Ariel Scott, Army
Bridgett Sellars, Marine Corps
Christa Selnick, Air Force
Anna Sereda, Army
Megan Shelby, Air Force
Sarah Shetland, Army National Guard
Greg Shimokawa, Army
Teresa Short, Air Force Reserve
Martina Simpson, Army
Lisa Sims, Army Reserve
Christina Smith, Air Force
Randy Smith, Air Force
Michele Solomon, Air Force
Staci Solorzano, Army
Brittany Sowers, Army
Melinda Spille, Army Reserve
Jackie Michelle Spradlin, Army National Guard
Cathy St. Julien, Navy
Paula Sterling, Air Force Reserve
Maria Leona Stevens, Navy
Jocelyn Stewart, Air Force
Kari Stinson, Army National Guard
Leanna Stone, Army
Miranda Stoppelbein, Air Force
Cameron Stout, Army
Melissa Strautins, Marine Corps
Lena Stuart, Navy
Deborah Sullivan Ford, Air Force
Karla Sutton-McKInney, Army
Lori Swanberg, Coast Guard
Vanilda Swift, Air Force
Kristyn Szala, Air Force
Sabrina Taala, Army
Amanda Tantillo Neal, Army
Erin Tarpley, Army
Azeita Taylor, Army National Guard
Jenna Teague, Marine Corps
Verna Thietje, Marine Corps
Mikaela Thomas, Army
Renitta Thomas, Marine Corps
Stacey Thomas, Army
Tamara Thurston, Marine Corps
Pam Tighe, Army National Guard
Joanna Toothaker, Marine Corps
Ashley Torres, Marine Corps
Lori Trofinoff, Army Reserve
Joanne Trout, Navy
Dawn Turnboo, Army
Teresa Tuttle, Army Reserve
Khawaja Uddin, Army
Brandy Udelhoven, Army
Vicky Udoaka, Air Force
Nicole Ulven, Army
Tracy Underwood, Coast Guard
Laura Unger, Army
Heidi Vanderheide, Army
Maria Vasquez, Army
Penney Vasquez, Marine Corps
Juliana Velasco, Army
Jessica Violette, Army
Ashley Voels, Army
Nicole Vogel, Army
Nicole Vogel, Army
Darcy Wagner, Army
Beverly Walton, Army National Guard
Molly Ward, Army National Guard
Tracy Warming, Marine Corps
Blake Warren, Army
Nicole Weaver, Army National Guard
Anna Carina Weber, Army
Samantha Webster, Army National Guard
Julie Weinheimer, Army
KaLeigh Welch, Marine Corps
Han Nee Wester, Air Force
Jennifer Wheeler, Army
Jennifer White, Marine Corps Reserve
Lydia Wiley, Army
Jennifer Williams, Navy
Shinobu Williams, Air Force
Karen Wilson, Air Force
Jeremy Winkle, Navy
Lisa Winters, Army National Guard
Jamie Womble, Army
Lenora Woodcock, Air Force
Kelley Worden, Air Force
Brandy Worster, Army
Jennifer Wright, Army
Kelly Wyatt, Army
Jennifer Young, Army
Sarah Zazueta, Marine Corps
Sarah Zia, Army Reserve
Angela Zier, Marine Corps
Lori Zimmerman, Army




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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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