In Their Own Words

Together we're stronger

“I am very excited to pursue my MA in Mental Health Counseling. In addition to pursuing a career which will allow me to be of great assistance to other military spouses, it’s a career that will endure frequent change of duty stations."  —  Navy Spouse


“The Military Spouse Scholarship is more than just a monetary award.  You have given me the ability to complete my degree.  Being a military spouse has many challenges, one of which is earning a degree while moving from assignment to assignment, simultaneously working, and caring for your family.  Your assistance brings my goals closer within reach.  With this scholarship, I am able to continue my studies to earn my Master’s Degree in Science Education and bring more knowledge, experiences, and best practices into my classroom.  Not only do I benefit, but my school community does as well.  Once again, I thank you for this generous gift and promise to use what I learn to benefit many others.” —  Army Spouse 


“Thank you so much for awarding me this scholarship! I had to make many personal sacrifices for my husband to serve his country almost continually during the last 7 years. My education was one of them. Due to my experiences, I plan to pursue an education in public service and hope to be involved in creating programs that help our military families.” — Air Force Spouse


"It is very often difficult for the military spouse to complete a degree with the amount of moving and the time frames. This scholarship has given me the chance to continue my degree in Radiology with my financial burden being lightened." — Coast Guard Spouse


"It’s been a long process and a lot of hard work but I am proud to say that I maintain a 4.0 GPA! My degree will be in Human Services with a a concentration in social and community services. I specifically chose this program because I hope to gain employment serving our Armed Services members through community service and support programs." — Marine Corps Spouse