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Acceptable Uses of Scholarship Funds
Eligibility Questions


Account Assistance 

Will my privacy be protected?

Yes, your privacy is important to us. Your information will be encrypted for security purposes and made available only to the people administering the scholarship program, judging scholarships, or maintaining the National Military Family Association website.

What should I do if I forget my password or username?

  • Go to Scholarship Manager
  • Click on the “Log in here” link under the “Returning Users” description.
  • Click “Forgot your username?”, “Forgot your password?”, or “If you require additional log in assistance, please click here”.

Please note: The National Military Family Association does not have access to your personal login information.

Application Assistance 

What happens if my application times out?

Your information is automatically saved if your application times out and you are logged out.

What happens if I don’t answer a required question?

  • You’ll receive a warning message listing the question(s) you forgot and a link to the page(s) where the unanswered question is. 
  • Click the link to go to the page(s) you need to finish. Until you answer all required questions, you will not be allowed to submit your application.

How much idle time do I have before I “time out” during the online application?

You have 30 minutes on each page. If you are on a page for more than 30 minutes and do not click the “Save and Continue” button during this time, you will be automatically logged out.

How do I save the info I filled in on a page?

Click on the “Save and Continue” button at the bottom of the page.

Can I update my application?

  • Yes. Before submitting the application, you can change your answers as much as you would like. 
  • Once you submit your application you can review your answers, but you cannot change them.

Can I print a copy of my completed application?

  • Yes. On the summary page, before you submit, you will find a link for a “Printer-friendly version” of your application. 
  • Click on this link to print your application.

Can I finish my application later?

  • Yes. You can log in and out of the application until the deadline.
  • To save your data, click “Save and Logout” at the bottom of the page you are working on before logging out.
  • Do NOT click “Submit” unless you are finished with the whole application. If you click “Submit”, you will be able to login and review your application, but you will not be able to make any changes.

Can I change answers after submitting my application?

No. Once you submit your application, your answers are final.

Any tips for doing the essay questions?

  • Read the instructions before writing. 
  • Complete your essays in a word processor such as Microsoft Word and then “copy” and “paste” them into the application. This allows you to edit and spell check your essay without worry of timing out while writing.
  • Check the length of your essay in Microsoft Word by clicking on “Tools” and then “Word Count” to make sure it’s equal to or shorter than the word-count limit. 


Will I receive an email confirming you have received my application?

Yes. Within seconds of submitting your application, you will get an automatic reply at the email address you entered into our system when creating your online scholarship account. Check your spam filter if you do not get it within seconds.

When will I be told if I am/am not selected for a scholarship?

  • Decisions will be made by March 31, 2015.

Acceptable Uses of Scholarship Funds 

What type of degrees can I use the Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship for?

Scholarships can be used for High School GEDs, English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) classes, vocational or technical certification programs, licensing fees, and Associates, Bachelors, or graduate degree programs. Distance learning classes (i.e. online programs) are included.

What is the difference between “licensure” and “certification”?

In our program, “licensures” are given only by state or government agencies to individuals. They are required by law to work in a certain job or field. “Certifications” can be given by schools or other programs, and are not required by law for a student to work in a certain job or field.

May I use the scholarship for any expenses not listed on the application?

No. Scholarship funds may only be used for tuition, fees, and school room and board.

I’ve just completed my college education. Can I use the scholarship to pay my student loan(s)?

No.  Scholarships are for current and future courses. You can’t use funds to pay back loans.

I am attending a foreign school while living overseas. Can I use scholarship funds for my expenses there?

No. At this time, National Military Family Association scholarships are only for U.S. schools and programs. You may, however, use the funds for U.S. schools and programs that operate overseas.

Can my scholarship be used to pay for licensing fees?

Yes. The National Military Family Association is offering scholarships for licensing fees. The license must be a legal requirement to work in a particular occupation (nursing, social work, lawyer, etc.). The licensing fee must be paid to a government agency. 

Eligibility Questions 

My spouse is in the National Guard/Reserve. Can I apply?

Yes. If you are a military spouse of guard or reserve you are eligible to apply.

I’m married to a service member who will be leaving the military this year. Am I eligible to receive a scholarship?

As long as you are married and your service member is active duty, reserve or guard on April 1, 2015, when we ask for proof, you can apply. If you cannot provide proof that your spouse was in the military on April 1, 2015, you will not be eligible for a scholarship.

I’m engaged and my fiancé is in the military. Can I apply for a National Military Family Association scholarship?

As long as you are married by April 1, 2015, when we ask for proof, you can apply now. If you cannot provide a copy of your marriage license on April 1, 2015, you will not be eligible for a scholarship.

Is my child eligible to receive a scholarship from the National Military Family Association?

No. We do not have a scholarship program for children. Many scholarship programs are available for military children, including the Defense Commissary Agency Scholarships administered by the Fisher House Foundation. The American Legion also publishes a guide of scholarships for military children titled Need a Lift (for a small fee). The publication can be ordered through their website, http://www.legion.org/.

I am planning to go back to school, but haven’t been accepted into a school/program yet. Can I still apply?

Yes. As long as you can email or fax your school's name and mailing address to us by April 1, 2015, you are eligible to apply. If you do not provide your account and school information by April 1, 2015, you are not eligible for this year’s program.

Are dual military spouses eligible?

Dual military spouses are eligible on a case to case basis. If you are a dual military spouse and would like to apply, email scholarships@militaryfamily.org before you submit your application.