Planning Ahead for Health Care

Service member taking blood pressure

Especially if your family is separating from the military (rather than retiring), it makes sense to take advantage of the TRICARE benefit while you still have it! For example, try to schedule your family’s annual physicals and regular well-child checks before you leave the military so you don’t have to worry about routine medical care immediately following your transition.

Other medical issues you want to be sure to address before transition include:

Prescription Medications

Have all your family’s prescriptions renewed and filled to cover the transition period. Talk to your doctor to see if your prescriptions can be adjusted to ensure you have sufficient supplies during transition.

Medical Records

Prepare to transfer your medical records from your MTF and civilian providers to your new medical providers once you transition. You can request hard copy records and carry them with you (please note some providers may charge a fee for photocopying services) or you can arrange a records transfer directly to your new medical providers.

Case Managed Care

If TRICARE has assigned a case manager to your family, be sure to inform them of your transition. Have a discussion with your case manager so you understand their role and responsibilities. Many commercial health plans offer case management services but in case you can’t replace your case manager, it will be important for you to understand what they have been doing to coordinate care.

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