Where will I receive health care?

Health Clinic

TRICARE beneficiaries receive medical care at Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) or through a network of doctors and hospitals in the Managed Care Support network. Beneficiaries also have access to non-network care, but will pay a higher cost-share to access this care.

Military Hospitals and Clinics

Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) are part of the robust health care system network of care. Active duty service members have top priority access for care at MTFs. Active duty family members and retirees enrolled in TRICARE Prime also have access to MTFs, but their priority will come after an active duty service member. Using TRICARE Prime is generally a cost saver for most military families and provides one-stop care for all health care services.

Care from Civilian Providers

Managed Care Support (MCS) contractors manage referrals to civilian providers, manage the TRICARE Prime enrollment process, and pay claims for care provided by civilian doctors and facilities. TRICARE support services are broken into TRICARE Regions within the United States and overseas.


TRICARE Regions Map

TRICARE North Region
Phone number: 1.877.TRICARE (1.877.874.2273)
Website: http://www.healthnetfederalservices.com 

TRICARE South Region
Phone number: 1.800.444.5445 and for Active Duty programs 1.877.249.9179
Website: http://www.humana-military.com

TRICARE West Region
Phone number: 1.877.988.9378
Website: www.uhcmilitarywest.com

Overseas Services Region
The overseas areas are: Eurasia-Africa; Latin America and Canada; and the Pacific.
Contact Information for International SOS Assistance, Inc.:
Phone number: 1.877.563.9228 for 24/7, toll-free Customer Service. *You must first dial the AT&T Direct Code and then the overseas customer service number.
Website: www.tricare-overseas.com

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