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Affordable and timely access to health care is important to all families, but it is vital for military families. Repeated deployments, caring for the wounded, ill, and injured, the stress and uncertainty of military life, and the ability to maintain family readiness demand quality and readily available health care.

A robust and reliable health care benefit allows families to focus on managing the many challenges associated with military life versus worrying about how they are going to access and pay for essential health care.

The military health care benefit must address the unique conditions of service, and the extraordinary sacrifices demanded of service members and their families.

One of our top priorities is to ensure families of all seven Uniformed Services have timely access to high quality, affordable health care.

We Support:

  • A military health system that ensures the right care is provided at the right time and at the right place.
  • TRICARE reimbursement policies that are comparable to commercial and other government plans.
  • A thorough analysis of future TRICARE policy changes prior to implementation with an emphasis on the impact on beneficiary access to the medical standard of care.
  • Enhanced TRICARE communications to inform providers and beneficiaries of policy changes in a timely manner and better educate TRICARE beneficiaries on referral, authorization and appeal processes so they can obtain the care they need.
  • TRICARE and Defense Health Agency policies that minimize the disruptions in care military families face due to frequent PCS moves and provider turnover in the MTFs.
  • Decisive action to address problems with pediatric care within the Military Health System (MHS), including a definition of medical necessity that ensures military children comprehensive and quality health care consistent with pediatric best practices.
  • An enhanced Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) program for special needs families that covers essential products and services and expands eligibility to one year following separation.
  • A stipend for mobilized National Guard or Reserve members to pay for family coverage under their employer-sponsored insurance plan.
  • Secretary Hagel’s action plan, following the MHS Review in October 2014, to achieve the goal of becoming a preeminent health care system including clearly identified standards for access, quality and patient safety as well as an enterprise analytic capability to monitor performance, identify problems, and improve services.

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