End Sequestration

End Sequestration

The biggest threat to military family well-being is posed by sequestration. Unless Congress acts, the looming spending cuts mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011 will drastically impact the programs and services military families rely on to maintain their readiness. While our Association understands the need to reduce government spending, sequestration places the burden of balancing the budget squarely on the shoulders of military families.

We ask Congress to end sequestration and reject budget proposals that threaten military families’ well-being as a way to save.

Among the critical programs threatened by sequestration are:

  • Health care. In 2013, furloughs of civilian medical staff led to reduced hours or operation at military hospitals and clinics, thereby limiting families’ access to health care. Additional cuts will force families to endure longer wait times for appointments and delays in obtaining treatment.

  • Child care. Families worry that budget cuts will force installation child care centers to reduce their operating hours or turn more families away. Families who use the fee assistance program wonder if those funds will still be available.

  • Children’s education. DoDEA schools, which educate nearly 100,000 military children, are subject to sequestration. Mandated furloughs of DoD civilian employees – including teachers and administrators at DoDEA schools – would force schools to close for days. Cuts in school operating expenses will compromise the system’s ability to offer a high-quality education.

  • Commissaries. Spending cuts could lead to stores reducing their staff or hours of operation, or force them to reduce the inventory they can offer. Any of these changes will erode the value of a benefit military families rely on to make ends meet.

We Support:

  • Ending the devastating effects of sequestration.
  • A strong military sustained by supporting service members and their families during times of war and peace.

  • Reasonable solutions to end sequestration without jeopardizing mission readiness and family support.

We ask Congress to end sequestration!


October 2015

June 2015

December 2014

  • The FY15 NDAA provides some sequestration relief.

March 2013

  • Mandatory spending cuts known as “sequestration” begin for the military community.
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