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Ensure Compensation Stays Commensurate With Service

For the long-term retention of the volunteer force, compensation should be competitive with the civilian sector, and recognize the extraordinary demands of military service. Military families cannot afford to have their pay checks chipped away with lower pay raises, reduced basic allowance for housing, increased out of pocket costs for health care, and a cut in commissary savings. Require annual pay raises remain tied to the Employment Cost Index (ECI) as prescribed by law.

  • Sequestration has threated the military at every level, including compensation and benefits to military families.
  • Department of Defense (DoD) is asking service members to pay more for their housing (BAH reduction). BAH will no longer cover 100% of housing and utility costs for a given location or pay grade. Service members and families will have to absorb a percentage of housing costs - an average of 2% for calendar year 2016 and 1% a year for the next three years.
  • DoD has requested that military families pay more for their healthcare (increased copays).
  • DoD is putting less in their pockets each pay period (lower and lower pay raises). In the past three years, service members received their lowest pay increase since it became all-volunteer force in the 1970's.
  • DoD continues to threaten cuts to the commissary, which provides 30% savings over other discount grocers to military families around the world.
  • Military spouses already earn less than their civilian counterparts and endure reduced career progression when they move with their service member.
  • It took a decade to bring military pay to the level of civilian pay. Those gains are being eroded. Leadership believes that military families will endure pay cuts, rather than job loss and DoD will continue to look for savings by cutting compensation.
  • To reduce the purchasing power of military families is to threaten the very livelihood of those we depend on to defend our Nation.

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For complete information about the Basic Allowance for Housing, please click here to view the BAH Primer.

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