Education Revolution Their Right. Our Fight.

Why do we need an Education Revolution?

We all know it’s tough to be a military kid. They have to cope with the stress of having a parent on deployment, the upheaval of frequent moves and the challenge of being the new kid at school – over and over again. The average military child will attend as many as nine schools before they graduate from high school. And the challenges aren’t just about making new friends.

You worry about how the transition will affect your military child’s educational experience, and what to do if they struggle. And how can you support them through the emotional fallout of having to make new friends…again?

Military life is hard enough. School shouldn’t have to be. As parents, you want to make sure your kids receive the best possible education and graduate ready to take on college, or the work world. We’re here with tips, tools and resources to help make that happen.

Their Right.

Military families struggle to make sure their child isn’t lost in the shuffle and that their educational needs go unnoticed.

NMFA believes in high, consistent standards across state lines to ensure military kids, and America’s kids, get the education they deserve. Moving every two years is hard enough. Let’s make the classroom transition seamless, as it should be.  

Our Fight.

Military kids’ education shouldn’t be collateral damage in the battle for better standards. The battle for freedom is the service member’s job, the battle for education is ours.

Parents, we know you fight for your kids’ education, and we want to be your battle buddy. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered and we’re ready to equip you with all the tools you need to fight for your child.

Join the revolution using hashtag #BattleForBetterStandards

Deunas Family

After PCSing from a school where their daughter was a grade ahead of peers her own age, the Duenas Family faced a big decision when they figured out she was struggling at her new school. Should they hold her back?

Smith Family

A few months before their recent PCS move, the Smith Family recently decided to let their teenage daughters look at potential schools they could attend. Having shielded them from the decision making and stress of finding a great school in each new city, will the kids transition to their school of choice with ease?

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