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Operation Purple Camps 2013
 Operation Purple Program

War’s uncertainty and the absence of a service member are stressful for the entire family. Our Operation Purple Program is designed to help. Our camps give children a break from wartime tension at home, friends to confide in, coping skills to handle mom or dad’s absence, and some fun to offset the extra responsibilities in their complicated young lives. Our family retreats help families reconnect after deployments. Many service members struggle to carve out a role with growing children and spouses who adapted to life without them. Some retreats are specially designed for families of the wounded, as they rebuild bonds and find a new way forward. Give Online Now or click for a printable giving form.


Military family embracing
Military Family Initiatives

Your gift will help us strengthen and protect military families during these often challenging but hope-filled days. Half of today’s military is married – with more than 1,000,000 children. The other half is single and relies heavily on mom and dad. Whether it’s more financial help for widows and children of service members, laws letting families (like those caring for the wounded, and grandparents tending to children of deployed service members—more unpaid time from work without fear of losing their jobs), or more counseling funding for families of combat-weary service members returning home with fragile mental health, we do whatever it takes to help. We couldn’t do it without the generosity of Americans everywhere. Give Online Now or click for a printable giving form.


Sailor walking with daughter
Military Children’s Initiatives

Our Military Children’s Initiatives help reduce the day-to-day burden on the more than 1,000,000 military kids. We work to ensure more child care programs to accommodate extended wartime work shifts and deployments of the troops, ease children’s transitions between schools when moving worldwide, and that their credits are valid at new schools so they’re not forced to repeat courses, take more than other kids, or delay graduation. Leaving friends behind is hard enough. We help community heads, teachers, school nurses, pediatricians, religious leaders, coaches, neighbors, and others understand what our kids are experiencing, and how to help. Your gift will help us strengthen and protect these children, as they support their service member parent’s service to the Nation. Give Online Now or click for a printable giving form.


Tribute or Memorial Flags on Porches
Tribute Gifts to Honor Someone Special

Whether it’s for a retirement, birthday, Father’s Day, other holiday—or in memory of someone special—tribute gifts are a perfect way to honor someone while helping military families. The recipient or family will receive a letter sharing that you made a gift in his or her honor, include a special message from you, and will state how the gift will improve the lives of military families. Please allow up to two weeks from your donation for a hard-copy letter to reach your honoree(s) or their family. If time is of the essence, you can send an eCard and select the e-delivery date instead. Your gift is tax deductible.

Send an eCard, give online but request a hard-copy tribute be mailed, or print our form and mail in your tribute request today!


Together we're stronger
Military Spouse Scholarship Program

Many spouses marry service members after high school or in college. Others move too often to obtain all credits from one college for a degree, not all credits are accepted by their next school, or spouses major in one field, marry a service member, and discover that field may not be “portable” to other states and countries. They must return to school or risk ongoing unemployment. These barriers increase the cost of education for military couples simply because of their service to the Nation. 

During war there’s increased urgency for spouse education and employability. Battlefield advancements save lives that would otherwise have been lost—but many of the wounded are no longer able to work. Our Military Spouse Scholarship Program helps spouses prepare now for the potential loss of or injury to their service member, and allows those whose loved ones have been killed or wounded to rebuild their families and pursue careers best suited to supporting them. Give Online Now or click for a printable giving form.


MyMilitaryLife App Video ImageMyMilitaryLife App

Military families feel overwhelmed sifting through 10,000+ military-affiliated websites to find help. To make life easier, we built an App for that! MyMilitaryLife filters information so spouses get the answers they need when they need them. We include resources for: new military spouses; families who are moving, those going through a deployment, or reuniting; couples having a baby and raising kids; spouses going back to school or looking for jobs; spouses of the fallen, caregivers of the wounded; families leaving the military; and more. Life already has too many unanswered questions. MyMilitaryLife connects military families with the answers.  Give Online Now or click for a printable giving form.



Together we're stronger
Employee Match Program

Double with your gift with a match from your employer! Did you know many companies match the charitable giving of their employees, spouses, and retirees? Simply ask your company if they match these gifts, and for the form to complete. After you fill out your part of the form, send the completed form with your gift (or send it separately if you make an online donation) to: National Military Family Association, 3601 Eisenhower Ave, Suite 425, Alexandria, VA 22304. We’ll fill out our part of the form and return it to your company to process the match. For more information, call 703-931-6632.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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