50 State Licensing Chart

50 state spouse licensure map

The three main categories of state-specific legislation that support military spouse career portability include:

  1. Endorsements - A license by endorsement means a new state will recognize a license in good standing from another state.
  2. Temporary licensure - A temporary license allows a military spouse with an up-to-date license from another state to begin work in a new state while completing the state-specific requirements.
  3. Expedite review - This process will accelerate the review of a military spouse’s license application.



 Licensure Status



 Endorse  Temporary  Expedite


 ALASKA    X  
 MAINE  X  X  
 NEW YORK      
 OHIO    X  
 UTAH  X  X  X


*Even though some states will honor a license from another state, the application process and requirements vary from state to state. Additionally, the legislation does not include every profession.

Check out our Association’s Branching Out blog for tips on PCSing with your professional license.

Do you have a portable career experience you would like to share with other military spouses? If so, please email us at Info@militaryfamily.org.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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