Benefits Available to Dependent Children

Dependent children of a gay service member are eligible for all of the same benefits as a child of any service member. This is the case for both biological and adopted children. When service members have a child, they must report this new dependent to the military in DEERS.

In order to enroll the child in TRICARE, the service member must present the child’s birth certificate and adoption papers, if applicable. This applies to all legally adopted children and foster children.

In cases where an unmarried service member did not actually give birth to the child, proof of legal adoption should be sufficient to establish parentage for purposes of benefits eligibility.

In general, dependent children of service members (including biological children, legally adopted children, foster children, and stepchildren) are entitled to a great number of benefits, including health care. Parents serving in the military may be eligible for certain additional benefits and allowances. This holds true for gay and lesbian service members with children. The only exception is stepchildren, because the government does not recognize a stepparent relationship created by a same-sex marriage.

Medical & Dental Care for Children

Children of gay service members are eligible for all of the same benefits as children of straight service members, including healthcare and insurance from TRICARE. Remember, service members must register their children in DEERS.

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