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At some point in your service member’s career, you may see a wall sign which reads, “Home is Where [insert your Service here] Sends Us.” After the boxes have been unpacked it is time to transition to your new community. How can you make your new community feel more like home? Most installations or units host a monthly newcomers’ brief. If you are not located near an installation, reach out to your local chamber of commerce or welcome center and ask for a new residents’ packet. Reach out to your family readiness group. Even if your service member will not experience a deployment from this new duty station, your family readiness group has a wealth of information about local services and programs for families. Give yourself some time to explore your new community and settle in. It can take a few months to establish a new routine, get your children settled in school and their activities, find employment, make friends and feel like you are a part of the community. Just think of yourself as the latest participant in a long military tradition!

New Claims Process

Unfortunately, sometimes items are damaged in a move. If items are damaged, your household goods are now covered under full replacement value (FRV). Damage visible at the time of the delivery must be reported to the transportation service provider (moving company) on DD Form 1840 at the time of the delivery. Damage not noted at the delivery must be reported to the moving company on DD Form 1840R within 75 days of the shipment delivery. Claims will now be made directly to the company and must be filed on DD Form 1844 within nine months of delivery.

Service members will be informed where to send claims during the pre-move counseling appointment. In the event the company does not provide a local representative and service members must mail claims, it is best to use certified mail with return receipt service as proof that the documents were sent and received in a timely manner.

The mover has the right to inspect damaged property when notified of damage. Claims will be settled by repairing or paying for the repair of damaged items. The company also will pay FRV for items that are missing or destroyed. Service members will no longer be required to obtain repair estimates on broken items; the moving company is responsible for obtaining all repair and replacement estimates.

If the company denies the claim, makes an unreasonable offer, or fails to respond within 30 days, the customer may transfer the claim to the Military Claims Office. This office generally is affiliated with the installation legal office, but service members must inquire at their local installations for the exact location.

It is important to note that claims settled through the Military Claims Office will be paid at the depreciated replacement cost level currently in use. If the claim is transferred to the Military Claims Office within nine months of delivery, the office will attempt to collect FRV from the mover.

Your Voice Counts!

Once you have made your move and settled into your new community, don't forget to complete your Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS). The CSS is a web-based survey and is emailed directly to the email address provided by the service member during the pre-move counseling session. Why is the CSS important? Not only is it your way to rate the service you received, but it will also determine if future business is warranted for the Transportation Service Provider (TSP). Your response and comments make up 50% of the TSP's score towards future government business! If you had an unpleasant moving experience, share your thoughts to prevent the TSP from receiving future business. Likewise, if it was your best move yet, be sure your TSP remains a government authorized mover. The CSS is a short twelve question survey and is critical to the future success of the household goods transportation program. Hurry and complete your survey when you receive it! CSS information is available on both the MOVE.MIL and SDDC websites.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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