42,000 Military Kids Depend on You

Though considerable progress has been made over the past several years to help military families address their educational concerns, many issues still remain that require state cooperation. To address these transition issues, the Department of Defense, Council of State Governments, and organizations concerned with military children's education created the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.

Thirty-nine states have joined the Compact and over 90 percent of our school-aged military children are now covered by this important legislation. In addition, a number of other states and the District of Columbia are considering Compact legislation this year. However, Georgia remains the largest military-impacted state which has yet to join the Compact. 

As a military family, it is important for you to know that Georgia passed legislation in 2009 that mirrors some of the Compact’s provisions. Although helpful to the 42,000 military children currently residing in Georgia, it does not protect those same military children when they leave the state.  By joining the Compact, Georgia would be able to work cooperatively with other states to ensure that all military children have the educational opportunities they deserve. It would also give Georgia a voice on the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3) which is the governing body of the Compact. 

Our Association has sent a letter to Governor Deal urging Georgia to join the Compact. However, he would also like to hear from you on this issue. We ask that you contact his office and explain why you as a military family feel it is important for Georgia to become a member of the Compact. If you have personal stories of how your child’s education was impacted as you transitioned in and out of Georgia, please share those with him as well.

The Governor’s contact info is:

 Office of Governor Nathan Deal
 203 State Capitol
 Atlanta, GA 30334

 Phone: 404/656-1776. Fax: 404/657-7332

Our Association is proud to have been a member of both the Advisory Group and Drafting Team who helped develop the Compact. We were also instrumental in helping to pass the Compact in many of the 39 states. We are committed to ensuring that the remaining states, District of Columbia, and territories join the Compact. As an Ex-Officio member of the Interstate Compact Commission, our Association is helping create informational materials for military families, leaders, and educators to understand what the Compact covers, how to use it effectively, and who to contact in their state for assistance. To access this information and available resources, please visit the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission website at www.mic3.net.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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