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Military families place a high value on education but define the quality of that education differently than most states or districts that look only at issues within their boundaries. For military families, it is not enough for children to be doing well in their current schools; they must also be prepared for the next location. However, military families do not want special privileges for their children, only a level playing field. Above all, they do not want their children to make unnecessary sacrifices for a parent's military service. 

Though military family life comes with many rewards, it is not always easy. Our families endure long separations and repeated deployments, routine moves, and constant change.  On average, military children will move at least twice during their high school years, and most will attend six to nine different schools between kindergarten and 12th grade. For children and teens navigating adolescence, this lifestyle can prove to be difficult. With each new permanent change of station (PCS), military children can experience feelings of loneliness, anger, or frustration. These feelings may often be compounded by educational obstacles or by the deployment of a service member parent.

In light of the challenges of repeated deployments, Base Realignments and Closures (BRAC), and constant moves, military families are making tough choices in order to stabilize their children. In fact, their children’s education is one of the leading factors in determining where military families choose to live within their community or if they accompany the service member to a new duty station. 

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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