New VA Change Aims to Ease Transition Finance Worries

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Transitioning out of the military can be a complicated process. Navigating veteran’s benefits can be even more complex. When it comes to filing a disability compensation claim for service-connected disabilities with Veterans Affairs (VA), military families feel the financial heat when forced to wait for their service member’s disability rating. Many have voiced their concerns about the anxiety the lengthy wait times for compensation have on an already stressful stage of their lives.

Thankfully, there’s been a recent update in VA policy aiming to ensure service members are awarded their VA benefits the day after their military discharge. As of October 1, 2017, service members who plan on filing for disability compensation will now be required to submit a claim 90 to 180 days prior to separating from the military.

The purpose of this benefit redesign is to make sure each service member will receive a VA exam at least 45 days from the date they submit their claim. Not only will they be able to receive their VA exam while they are still in service, they would receive their rating PRIOR to discharge. This is great news for transitioning military families who are concerned about how their incomes will be affected after their military service ends. Many have a difficult time nailing down a budget before getting out, and this change may help ease the financial uncertainty associated with transition from the military.

For more information on VA benefits, or to learn more about upcoming changes please visit the VA website for more information.

Posted October 4, 2017


From: Denise Conrad on: May 9, 2018
Except when it's been almost 60 days and you call to find out why you haven't been scheduled for an appointment and they tell you they won't do an exam until they receive your DD214.
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