Military Families: We Appreciate You!

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Saying you support our troops without supporting their families is like watching your favorite football team play with only one player. Tim Tebow may be stellar, but he didn’t win the national championship by himself.

Each day, thousands of families around the world watch their loved ones put on a military uniform and head out the door. Thousands more wake up, wishing that were their morning routine, because their loved one is gone—deployed, away at boot camp, training for an upcoming mission, or worse, gone because they’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

Being a military family is tough. Key players are often forgotten.

November is Military Family Month, a time for the nation to focus on the uniqueness, braveness, and total awesomeness of the military family. Just like yours and mine, military families face challenges in the day-to-day. But unlike many Americans, military families face (and overcome) challenges most will never understand.

Military kids change schools an average of nine times before graduation.

Military families move every two to three years.

Military spouses face unemployment and underemployment.

Marriages struggle because of the visible and invisible wounds caused by 16 years of war.

Families are separated, left behind.

The National Military Family Association never forgets the ones left behind. We remember our troops and their sacrifices daily because we see them on the news, in the paper, and on our social media feeds. But we don’t always hear about the sacrifices military families make to support a man or woman in uniform.

Take a minute to think of the brave men and women serving in our military. Then take another minute to remember the people who love them—the ones who those service members write home to, spend holidays with, and celebrate life with.

Military families need our support, so let’s be there for them this month and every month of the year.

Posted November 1, 2017


From: Jack Dorgan on: November 4, 2017
My Dad was in the Navy
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