From Hurricane Harvey to Hurricane Irma: America’s Heroes Answer the Call

Harvey to Irma

Just over a week and a half ago, Hurricane Harvey made landfall and devastated Houston and surrounding areas. Through the horrific storm, we watched as courageous first responders, military members, and civilians battled treacherous flooding to rescue others. Donations from across the country have helped feed, clothe, and house those left homeless. But Hurricane Harvey has not stopped hope from shining on Houston.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each hero who has helped Houston. Our Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, National Guard, and Reserves have all responded to the call of duty—the duty to serve and keep our nation strong. Those same troops who risked their lives in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, will leave behind their families again to assist and rescue those in the path of Hurricane Irma, and thousands more will join those efforts. NMFA is proud to stand with and support our military members and their families, and we are able to do this work because of proud supporters, like you

Military support in disaster zones is nothing new to our military or their family members. They answer the call when called upon, even when it’s unexpected and unknown. With all eyes on Hurricane Irma, we know our troops and their families—along with thousands of other first responders—will be ready to answer the call to help, no matter where Irma makes landfall.

At NMFA, we try to help make the unexpected and unknown a little easier on our service members and their families. As individuals, we might be only able to do a little. But, as one, we can do so much more.

Please stand with us and help support our military families when they need our help. 

Posted September 8, 2017


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