Dear President Donald Trump,

President Trump

Now that you're the new Commander-in-Chief, military families have a few things they’d like to tell you, our new leader.

Military families are tired of the uncertainty, and worried about more unfulfilled promises from leaders who have their loved one’s life in their hands.

Nearly 300,000 service members are currently deployed, many still fighting a war that’s lasted more than 15 years. In that time, benefits for service members dwindled, sequestration became an unavoidable reality, and military families began to wonder if the country really understood the issues their communities face.

So how do military families want you to support them during the next four years?

Kelly, a Marine Corps spouse, shared a common frustration. “The military should not be the first place you try and get money from. Our spouses’ paychecks should not be threatened every October.”

Service members have received below-average pay raises for the last three years, compared to the private sector.

Karen, an Army spouse, also wants you to remember that most service members don’t work a “typical” 40 hour per week job.  “The majority work closer to 80 hours, and their pay should reflect that, especially for junior enlisted service members.”

Though the total effect on military families remains unclear, they are still dealing with the effects of sequestration—those mandatory cuts to federal funds, thanks to the Budget Control Act of 2011.

These cuts to the Defense Budget have, in the past, closed commissaries, furloughed medical clinics, put health care benefits in jeopardy, and taken valuable dollars from critical readiness training for service members.

Sarah, whose spouse is in the National Guard, wants you to know that Guard families deserve access to the same resources provided to active duty families, since they often serve side by side.

“My family could have avoided so much heartache and trauma if my husband, a Guard soldier, had access to the help he needed after returning from Iraq,” she shared.

The National Military Family Association knows the struggles military families face. For nearly 50 years, we’ve worked with every Commander-in-Chief, regardless of party, to strengthen our nation’s families. Now that the election is over, let’s work together to keep the needs of military families front and center as an essential part of military readiness.

After all, standing in each pair of combat boots is a soul loved by many.

“President-Elect, please see us and remember that each service member is more than a tool,” Heather, wife of an Air Force officer pleaded. “Behind each service member are dozens of people who love them, rely on them, and want them to come home. Please remember their value and weigh carefully the true cost of sending our forces overseas.”

Many families are dealing with their third, fourth, and fifth tours into war-torn countries. They’re worried about what one more deployment will do to their family.

“I would like you to seriously ponder going to war, the effect and cost, not just financial, and the toll it will take on service members and their families,” explained Sylvia, wife of an active duty Soldier. “When you make a decision to go to war, it affects all of us.”

The 2.9 million military family members don’t wear the uniform, but they serve, too.

Sylvia wants to remind you of this.

“We are a resilient group, but we eventually become weary and tired. It's not just the service member that makes a sacrifice, it's the whole family.”

President-Elect Trump, our nation’s military families ask that you make promises you can keep. You will make decisions that mean life-or-death for their loved one. Military families ask that you bring them out of the shadow of uncertainty. Please do your best to ease these burdens. End sequestration and reject budget proposals that threaten military families’ well-being as a way to save. Take time to understand and hear our military families. Create meaningful change that shows appreciation for their sacrifice and reflects a grateful nation. Military families have done their part, we urge you to do yours.

Joyce Wessel-Raezer
Executive Director

Posted November 9, 2016


From: Wendy on: June 17, 2018
I know this is posted a year and a half ago but I am hoping someone reads this and feel it worthy of being posted. I lived in Los Angeles County, CA for 30-years. They have one of the largest population of homeless vets. I made friends with some of them. One of them was an amazing guy. He was a walking talking encyclopedia of world history. One day he stopped to help me put things away from a yard sale as it started to rain. I offered to pay him but he refused to take it. He was a proud man who did not expect anything for his kindness. He had a severe PTSD problem where he would suddenly fly into a rage. I'd hear him screaming sometimes at night. The local police knew him well and knew how to deal with him to calm him down. The VA was not helping him. The VA would discharge these soldiers into half-way houses where they were entirely on their own. For many of them, it was too much and they ended up on the street to really fend for themselves. This was so wrong on far too many levels. Men and women who had put their lives on the line to defend our country and were living on poverty-level wages with many families on welfare, and having to wait for weeks or longer for their medical care if they got medical care at all. I had a close friend suffering from Agent Orange poisoning. Back then it was denied as a legitimate diagnosis. In frustration, he drove his vintage Army Jeep through the front doors of the West Los Angeles VA Hospital. They put him in the VA Psych Ward keeping him sedated. He was kept there for over a month. After he was released within a few months or less he was found dead under very mysterious circumstances. There was a hearing and I went every day and taped it. It was after that hearing that his vet buddies went to Washington D. C. and camped out in front of the White House to bring attention to Agent Orange poisoning. He became a Martyr for the cause. I am hoping you sent these messages to President Trump and got a positive response. I hope that many of the requests were responded to and something has actually changed to help all of you. Most of all I truly thank every one of you who have served in all facets of our military my heartfelt appreciation.
From: Pat on: February 3, 2017
My husband passed away January 16th 2017, we were receiving benefits from the va. . He was a 100% disabled Veteran, They took away all his benefits from me because he was only 100% disabled for 5 years. It was during the Vietnam war but he didn't set foot on the land, is their any help for me, I was taking care of home for over 10 yrs. we tried to get this 100% for over 10 yrs and they only approved it in September 2011
From: Verjuana on: January 27, 2017
Having experienced the military from several sides, I can attest to the sacrifices made by the entire family when a soldier is deployed, stationed OCONUS, or working 80+ hours per week. I am a Veteran active duty soldier who deployed during my enlistment, the sibling of an active duty deployed marine, the mother of an active duty deployed sailor, and the spouse of a soldier who has been deployed multiple times in support of several missions. Separation is only one part of the continuous life sacrifice military families make. Sufficient pay and efficient health care systems for our military - those who keep this country safe and able to exercise its liberties - should be top priority items for the President's administration.
From: Nina on: January 26, 2017
we need a pay increase to keep up with inflation just the the private sector!
From: Jill on: January 21, 2017
Education/special education. We've been stationed at 4 bases since my son was born. Three of the four bases are in education districts that rate low in the state and/or country. My son is in special education for learning delays. Although there are 5 elementary schools currently on my base, none of them have a special education program for him. Consequently, He spends 1 1/2 hours every morning and 1 1/2 hours every afternoon on a bus getting to/from school. It was similar at my last base where he was on a bus for an hour each way. Please support special education programs in the schools on base. If the base does not have a school, please include a minimum a special education school. There are plenty of buildings on base that have underutilized space.
From: Erin on: January 20, 2017
Please help members of Congress understand the majority of military members give much more to our country than their their civilian counterparts. When their insufficient pay and benefits are threatened, it has a ripple effect all the way back to their families. The stress affects their morale, their mental state, and the overall quality of their life. In recent years, their pay, benefits, and other compensations have been used as a bargaining chip in Congress so they can make deals in their own interests. This is no way to treat the men and women who commit to serving our country.
From: Julie on: January 20, 2017
From: Kathleen on: January 19, 2017
Many veterans continue in public service via local, state, and yes, the Federal government. Some become teachers.Some use their military benefits to become nurses, mechanics, doctors, farmers. Some are never able to work again. We are not a monolithic voting bloc. We are well-traveled, well educated, and well able to understand the complexities of politics and its wrangling. We are paying attention.
From: Barbara on: January 18, 2017
Dear Mr. President, we are so ready for a different change then we had for the past 8 years. I only hope that all the sacrifices our military and veterans have made and their families will be considered before the money given to the illiegals will be given to our people who serve and have served and their families. Bless you
From: Kimberly McGinnis on: January 18, 2017
I've been nominated as military spouse of the year. When asked what I wanted to accomplish if given the Title my response was simple; All lives matter. The service member, the spouse, the child(ren), and the beloved family pet.
From: Pat on: January 16, 2017
The pay raises the military receives are not much. And have not been for many years. My husband spent 30 years in the Navy and the pay raises during that time were pitiful and have not gotten better. When we lived in the DC area with only his salary (we made the decision that I would be home with the children), a freshman Congressman was quoted in the papers lamenting the fact that he couldn't afford to live in the DC area. Probably not in the type of housing he wanted but he could have. He made much more than my husband. The family support centers are a vital part in supporting the families and the military. These should not be cut. Compare what the military does to the civilian equilvalent. A civilian doing the same job would be making much more money and not putting his/her life on the line. Depending on the job, of course. Military life is difficult and has taken a toll on many marriages and families. The military need all the support they can receive in order to continue serving this country and protecting its citizens.
From: JLJ on: December 31, 2016
Dear President-Elect Trump, Please do these courageous, dedicated, honorable service members and their families the courtesy of attending your national security briefings DAILY, rather than delegating it to others in your cabinet. Don't deign to show up only "when something changes" as you said on Fox News. This is the greatest country on earth, not a business that can bankrupted and started over. Do the hard work of actually learning about the complex perils you will be committing our brave and selfless military men and women to. These people trust and have faith in you—Please earn it. Do your job.
From: Elaine Hoell on: December 28, 2016
My husband served in the navy for 30 years and weat to Vietnam 4 times. Died of service connected disease. In 1993. I have been waiting for this offset to disappear since then. I am now 77 and most likely wont see it in my life time. It is terrible that an insurance my husband paid for was taken away from me which is probably unlawful. How many other widows have died not ever getting what they deserve. I pray that president trump will finally give the military wives what they deserve.
From: Leslie on: December 16, 2016
Mr. Trump please do all possible to help our Vietnam veterans . My daddy is a disabled now with severe sleep apnea and degenerative eye disease. This was all caused from moving nerve gas from Okinawa to Johnston Island. I have been trying now for several years to help him get benefits with no luck at all. If you would really like to have someone in charge to make sure all veteran's are treated fairly for their service a good suggestion would to be to consider Army General Jack Meadows.
From: Daniel on: December 2, 2016
Mr. Trump, This is a request from a Veteran and his wife and son who changed there party from Democrat to Republican to cast our votes for you sir. I have a serious request. PLEASE choose the best person available to Head the VA. This is a very important job which needs great management skills. I also believe the person chosen should be a veteran. I have no animosity towards Mrs. Palin but I believe this job may be much to large for her at this time. The decisions and regulations that will be made may result in hardships for our veterans. Knowledge and compassion must be used in all changes.
From: Tammy on: November 12, 2016
Not sure where Ashley got her info from about National Guard "training every 3 months and has a chance of deploying most of the time for world disaster." I'm a National Guard spouse and my husband works many long hours and is on an at least every 2 year deployment rotation. We were affected by sequestration when our spouses weren't getting paid just like other military families. I appreciate this letter by the Military Family Association and I hope that our President-elect does give military families, including National Guard families, the consideration they so deserve. Our veterans are suffering as well. The conditions and management of our VA hospital system is deplorable. Those who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy deserve so much better.
From: Nate on: November 12, 2016
I'm very happy to see Trump's statements on improving the VA medical system, but please don't forget the system that created a lot of these problems: the active duty medical system! Hampton Roads is still suffering through waits of up to 3 months for specialty care, and God forbid you get through 6 months of treatment for a tumor just to have to start all over at another facility because the tumor got too large for the clinic to handle. There is no place to complain about these issues, because patient advocacy at Portsmouth just tells you to call your Congressperson!
From: Anonymous on: November 11, 2016
I don't understand the request in this letter. It seems to be both a call for more pay and benefits, but also for fewer deployments. For what are we being paid if not to work? What's the justification? I'm active duty myself, and I'm assigned to an overseas base in a precarious geographical region; I'm paid less than my private sector counterparts, and I'm not given the benefits of combat zone tax exclusion despite supporting the OIR mission. Of course I like to be rewarded for my efforts, but I don't understand the point of this letter. You're asking for more things with less work - frankly, we all signed up to be ready to defend our nation, and that often means beyond our own borders. That's the justification for a standing military. There are lots of things we could all say to the President-Elect, but this is not a cogent message. We need to stand together more strongly and articulate clearer requests.
From: Michael on: November 10, 2016
Mr. President Elect Trump, how about a 20% pay raise for all Soldiers and Veterans on Service Connected Disability, most veterans and soldiers can't survive making 35,000 a year, then after taxes, and congress gets their pay raise off our taxes. Sure be nice to make what a senator or congressman makes for working 1/2 of what we do....
From: Blenda Gann on: November 10, 2016
President-Elect Trump, As a wife of an AGR Soldier and a mom to a son who currently is serving in the National Guard. I implore you to please put military families first. Fund programs that help take care of our Freedom Fighters after deployments. Don't let the resiliency and family programs be the first programs cut. Ensure our children have programs dedicated to helping them with issues they face as military kids. Lastly, remember that behind every good military member is their family standing strong.
From: Patrick on: November 10, 2016
My comment is to Thomas! You are already being negative about Trump before he is sworn in. Well what has your President Obama done? I was sitting in my living room with three veterans who had received no help from his VA. It is a joke. My brother contacted a specialty lawyer and they finally got some help. It is pathetic how Obama has turned his back on this ugly situation. It is almost as if they want them to just die off!!!!!! God speed Trump who actually made it a campaign talking point!!!!!
From: Melanie on: November 10, 2016
Thank you for this letter from a military wife of 15 years. Military families need more support for the sacrifices that are being made day in and day out. Military personnel are underpaid for the jobs they perform for our country. Their funding has been cut more and more each year so they aren't able to get the proper training and/or equipment needed. They need your HELP President Elect Trump- please support!
From: Stephen L. Winnicki on: November 10, 2016
This is a nice emotional appeal. But civilian pay scales are just as dismal as military pay scales . I served during the Vietnam era. I was a crew member on a B-52. Your appeal is falling on deaf ears. Trump has demonstrated one thing in his business dealings. He cares about himself and power. He wants to do away with consumer protection laws, environmental laws , do away with the affordable health care, believes in torturing prisoners of war, thinks he can use nuclear weapons indiscriminately, instead of pursuing peace thinks that military solutions are the only answer which will do well for those companies that produce military weapons but only increase tours of duty for the troops with more hardships for their families. Military life is tough. We have the best military in the world But your appeal is falling on deaf ears. Encourage Mr. Trump and all your elected representatives to pursue peace, not war.
From: Tamara C on: November 10, 2016
Thank you for your proactive effort in making a case for military families. As spouse, caregiver, parent who manages a family that happens to have a military member (now retired) who served in times of peace and war, this letter to this president-elect seems to frame and box issues for military families in a way that elicits a special treatment for just us. It carves out our issues from the communities in which we live rather than show the common link that binds us all. While children are targeted with vitriol and bullied, and adults re-learn to live and survive beyond the armed forces, please consider a message that appeals to our common bond, our common core - to improve education, finance, employment, culture, health - when appealing to leadership past, present and future. Kind Regards, TC
From: Sylvia on: November 10, 2016
Nice letter, expecting nothing from this man who stated he was smarter than our military generals and made fun of a decorated war hero. I pray your orgaization remains true to our service members. I am a veteran, military spouse and mom. I pray for our nation under rhe leadership of this person. I hope he will work to make American great not himself.
From: steven on: November 9, 2016
Action must follow words. To those who have given--and continue to give--so much, much should be given in return to them and their families. This nation owes the brave men and women of our military a debt impossible to repay. But we can do far, far better than we have to date. Let us honor our military and their families every day, not merely once a year.
From: Jodi on: November 9, 2016
Mr. Trump, please consider this before shutting down the Department Of Education and defunding IDEA. The military has a very high ratio of special needs children. We are reliant on good educational services to ensure that our children get a fair and appropriate education. By shutting these federal oversights down you put our children at an extreme disadvantage. My son was abused in a state that didn't fully fund IDEA. Please consider all families before doing anything with regards to the federal budget-- not just the perfect ones.
From: Jon on: November 9, 2016
Maintaining and increasing pay and benefits for military personnel and their families should always come first. The hyper expensive, high tech weapons systems should take the brunt of cuts, especially when they do not work as claimed. The F-35 comes to mind. Seeing the vast amount of hardware that is unused and being given to police departments is also a place where waste can and should be cut long before military families are affected by budget concerns.
From: Al on: November 9, 2016
Please remember, the military consists of human beings who are also soldiers, and so much more.
From: Mary lynch on: November 9, 2016
As a wife of a retired Army Master Sgt and a mom of a son serving in the USAF I am deeply concerned for all serving overseas and those serving here in the US. Mr Trump makes me nervous with his rhetoric and it is troubling to know the power we have just given him I pray for peace and sound judgement as we embark on this new path. Thank you for this letter. I hope he supports our military as well as keeps us safe
From: Tina on: November 9, 2016
Our Military Families gives as much to this country as our spouses. Invest in the outside communities around our bases. Military Spouses in some areas cant find jobs and can serve 20 years with our spouses and be unemployable when they retire. Ft. Stewart, GA
From: MaryAnn on: November 9, 2016
All true, and for those Trump naysayers. He won, the message is clear, America needs change from the political machine. Whether any of us like it, we all need to get over it, and hope for him to succeed. Bring positivity so it can grow. Also, yes, pay raises, retirement, housing, health care and education benefits should be fixed to reflect all that military members and their families give and are willing to give. A good way to help would be to get rid of outside contracters. Let the military learn and train so it can rely on itself again. Stop with the political kickbacks for hiring over-priced and under-qualified contractors. Most members now a days are not learning the jobs like they used to because the government would rather pay other companies to do it all. WHY? I pray the government, together (because despite what everyone seems to think, the President is not alone in his choices), can bring our military back to the strong, capable and confident force that it once was!
From: Tara Szymanek on: November 9, 2016
I would like President-Elect Trump to also consider how the recent cuts have affected military families with dependents with disabilities. Sequestration took so much from McGuire Dix and Lakehurst and then a year later they became a joint base and expected the same quality to be done with a skeleton crew. Many bases had base advocates for family members having issues in school districts or the medical community and now only one base has such a person and the program is funded thanks to the Statewide parent advocacy network (SPAN).
From: Kayce N Lee on: November 9, 2016
Dear Senator , Congress will spend a lot of on Immigration, what about our Military Widows? Congress claims there is no money to fund the survivor benefit Military Widows? Congress claims there is no money to fund the survivor benefit plan for the widows of the fallen and disabled military retirees. We lose $15,050 a plan for the widows of the fallen and disabled military retirees. We lose $15,050 a year due to the reduction of DIC from SBP. These are 2 separate programs for 2 year due to the reduction of DIC from SBP. These are 2 separate programs for 2 separate purposes and one should not offset the other. I am an Army Widow. separate purposes and one should not offset the other. It has been very hard since my husband pass we went from my husband making close to 3,609.00 a month to no husband or Daddy or Big Dennis, period to 1,568 pension that will be cut down when my youngest son ties 18. No money can replace My Husband but he signed a contract not knowing all wouldn't be fulfilled to serve our Country he Loved, I try to talk him into getting out the Army at one time but he told he Loved the Army and I supported him. I was also advised to sign S.B.A over to kids option for me to keep it would be close to nothing. I am an Army Widow. Please stand up for us as well. Our son, little Dennis is 5. His daddy died during P.T. Please stand up for us as well. Our son, little Dennis is 5. His daddy died during physical training on active duty. My husband told his commanding officer that his physical training on active duty. My husband told his commanding officer that his chest was hurting. He was commanded to get up and keep running! He had just chest was hurting. He was commanded to get up and keep running! He had just returned from was Afghanistan. It was very hot in Texas in August and war is returned from was Afghanistan. It was very hot in Texas in August and war is very stressful. He collapsed and died. I contacted President Obama’s office. He collapsed and died. I contacted President Obama’s office to investigate. I was sent a letter saying that they investigated everything but no oneinvestigate. I was sent a letter saying that they investigated everything but no one talked to me. It was a rude, insensitive letter. My husband was Sargent Dennis talked to me. It was a rude, insensitive letter. My husband was Sargent Dennis Lamonte Lee, March 12, 1974 - Aug 26, 2011, from Fort Hood Texas. The Lamonte Lee, March 12, 1974 - Aug 26, 2011, from Fort Hood Texas. The widows of Federal civil service employees do not have this same offset nor wouldwidows of Federal civil service employees do not have this same offset nor wouldyour wife if you died while a Congressman. No benefit that one worked to earn your wife if you died while a Congressman. No benefit that one worked to earn should be offset by another federal program. Please, please co-sponsor HR 1594should be offset by another federal program. Please, please co-sponsor HR 1594and help the 63,000 impacted widows. Do not tell me there is not money. There and help the 63,000 impacted widows. Do not tell me there is not money. There is money in the Military Retirement Trust Fund just for this purpose. Can you fix is money in the Military Retirement Trust Fund just for this purpose. Can you fix this for all of us? It is wrong, unjust, unfair. My husband fought and served in the this for all of us? It is wrong, unjust, unfair. My husband fought and served in the Army for your freedom. Army for your freedom. Thank you for your time reading this letter, I hope you can help us, God bless you and your Family. Sincerely, Kayce Lee
From: Leti on: November 9, 2016
I am actually disgusted with the nay sayers and rude comments being left on this site, Donald Trump in January 2017 will be our commander in chief , stop being so rude, gone are the days of respect , yes the president for the past eight years has been the pitts cutting defense and ignoring our families but let's not vent on this forum be respectful, keep your rude comments to yourselves and stop calling people who vote for someone you oppose and idiot. Stop let's be respectful! This forum is for us to share and address what we would like to see not insult one another.
From: Kathy on: November 9, 2016
Dear President Elect Trump, I am an active duty surviving spouse whose Hero paid for my survivor benefits with service, deferred compensation towards retirement ( he did not live to receive it) and the highest price, his life. The Department of Defense and Congress rob 63,000 of us of approximately $15,000 a year due to an archaic law. Why should those who paid the highest price also suffer financially? Please fix this for us as we are the only category of survivor in the entire federal government to not receive a purchased benefit of employment. NMFA, you left us surviving spouses out of your letter. We are forgotten after we receive the folded flag on behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation. Not very grateful at all!
From: Carla Yeates on: November 9, 2016
As an Army Brat, Army Spouse and now Army Widow and mother of a Army Veteran I agree with these families. The Military Families are the unsung support behind the soldiers. The government promised us free medical and dental care for life if our husbands made a career of serving our country. They have slowly started taking away the medical benefits. First to go was dental, then vision and now they are working on Tricare by not providing care at Military Treatment Centers unless you are Active Duty or pay for Tricare Prime. They took the free medical and now charge retirees and their families 25% of the Medicare allowable because they can not receive care at the MTF and must go on the civilian market for care or pay for a supplement to cover the cost that is as much as a regular insurance policy if they can find one that doesn't require you joining a organization in order to obtain coverage. The pay that we receive is less than the civilian counter part but the cost is based on the civilian prices.
From: Ashley on: November 9, 2016
I truly believe that military wife's act as if they are the ones wearing the uniform and being shot out. Let's just say that as a wife without uniform you are not the one taking the big risk. You didn't sign that contract. Now let me just say that I am a Army wife of a MP/K9 unit. He has a high deployment risk. He has been deployed and has Many health issues. I don't believe gourd should have everything that active duty does. This would not be fair, active works 70-80 hours a day most of the time on hardly any sleep. Where the gourd go to training every 3 month and has a chance of deploying most of the time for world disaster. I do strongly believe that the pay should be higher for service members doing this risk for our country. But not all things are equal!! There are veterans with many disabilities that only have 10 to 20% and are struggling to survive. Yet there vet's with 90% by doing basic with 2 years of service tend to lie about it and get paid. I don't want anything but my husband to be taken care of and to get paid and for our children and I take get taken care of it something God for bid happens to him. State service is not the same of federal! Congrats on your win and you honestly. Hope you hear our comments.
From: Valerie on: November 9, 2016
Although I retired from my job last year,. At age 61 I have taken on a parttime job to help support my military family. My son inlaw is in the Air-force. I am so glad someone mentioned the long hours they put in without extra pay. .
From: LINDA HOFFMANN on: November 9, 2016
I was so happy when i got up and saw you WON . now show the other side that they were wrong about you and how you feel about woman and our Military show them there wrong bring us together.
From: Samantha on: November 9, 2016
We are counting on you sir, to make appropriate changes, implement improvements and to lead our Service Members with honor. We are asking you to think carefully, ask for guidance, listen to the Joint Chiefs, talk with Military Family Group leaders, Family Readiness Officers and Ombudsmen. Meet with Blue Star Families and Gold Star Moms. Get to know the REAL people who wear the uniform and those who support them.
From: Donna Ferrera on: November 9, 2016
Very well said. As a mom of a combat veteran and struggled for years to get him fixed, I truly hope he listens or we need to get him out in 4 years.
From: Thomas on: November 9, 2016
I cannot believe what I am reading in this forum! If anyone thinks Donald Trump will do for you after all the negativity he's presented in his campaign - well, you're in for an extremely rude awakening. Trump is no man of the people or the military. Trump has always been for Trump and no one else! He has ruined the lives of countless thousands and there is one thing certain - Trump will do nothing for the military unless there is something in it for him!
From: John Richards on: November 9, 2016
Please protect and give security to our military parents and their children by eliminating the needless conflict in our nation's family courts that permit a few lawyers to profit from alienating parents from their own children. Also eliminate Social Security Act Parts IV D & E that give the courts matching federal funds for raising unreasonable support amounts for their own profit.
From: Hannah on: November 9, 2016
I am a military wife and mother. Please consider the frustration we have with our healthcare. Our clinics are under staffed, which in turn makes it impossible to get appointments for our children. It is pathetic to be forced to take small children to the ER or urgent care and expose them to other people who are seriously ill and should be seen there. The healthcare for those who serve and their families who give and have given so much should not be compromised. The 14-16 hour days my husband and many others work daily (not including the time spent overseas) need to be taken into consideration for pay raises. Many people don't understand or even have to think about the military life we all live. This is the life we have all chosen, but we just need to feel appreciated. These men, woman, and their families need your support. Thank you and congrats!
From: Dianne on: November 9, 2016
wife of retired US Navy officer, and mother of a current Active Duty US Air Force officer. Thank you for this letter to President Elect Trump. It is well stated, as are the additional comments.
From: Catherine on: November 9, 2016
Not only is what the other military wives or loved ones have stated it also important to remember that service members and their family members are trying to better themselves by going back to school which in some cases have exhausted all GI bill benefits leaving them with taking out loans to pay for tuition. As an army wife of a soldier who has served this country for 30 years and recently got promoted to SGM this benefit should cover all service members and family even when bill has been exhausted to give back to all those family members making sacrifices just as those who served. There were several holidays and birthday parties my husband missed by serving overseas. This should all mean something to give back to us wives, as I am currently in RN program which I had to take out loans because I exhausted all the GI bill benefits my husband transferred to me. I truly believe as a military wife that we should have free tuition no matter what college or program choice. I have always wanted to provide better for our children than what my parents did. want to thank you for your time and I sincerely hope you think about this wholeheartedly.
From: Catherine on: November 9, 2016
Dear President-Elect, Please understand that there are WIC offices on some bases. WIC OFFICES. WIC OFFICES so the families can receive financial aid to buy FOOD. Many of our service personnel can't afford to feed their families.
From: Lupe on: November 9, 2016
Mr. Trump, you have been elected to be the next Commander in Chief of this great nation. All I am asking you is to make wise choices about sending our brave soldiers to war. I have been married to an Army soldier for 19yrs who is still active duty after 21 yrs with 5 deployments and now our son has joined the Air Force. Very proud Army wife and Air Force mom. Please Mr. Trump take care of my very courageous men. Don't forget about us. My family stands by and supports you. Please keep your promise to make America great again!
From: Becky Scott on: November 9, 2016
I am a 59 year old spouse of a retired marine of 28 years who is about to file for SS disability. I want my case to handled as priority and not have to wait 1 or 2 years for approval. Yes, families of active duty military do make great sacrifices and deserve more consideration than those who have not.
From: vadim yampolsky on: November 9, 2016
i hope he will deliver in practice what he promised.
From: Edgardo R Hernandez on: November 9, 2016
Good Afternoon ; Mr. President Elected Donald Trump. Congratulations and God Bless You and Guide You to help America. I lost my father and my brother serving this great nation , without any doubt we need your help and support. Sincerely. Edgardo
From: Beatrice Platt on: November 9, 2016
We stay free because of our fighting force, please do not forsake them. Thank you
From: Amanda Schafer on: November 9, 2016
In what world do you think this demon cares about any of us??? I pity the educationally challenged masses who chose to vote for this megalomaniac and I fear for the planet's safety in his disgustingly over spray tanned talons. We've handed the world's most worthy nation over to a tyrannical toddler.
From: Lawrence on: November 9, 2016
From: Rossana on: November 9, 2016
YES!President Elect Donald Trump...From the very bottom of my heart, CONGRATULATIONS!!!We really needed your deepest support for the military families, we were forgotten!!!!My husband and I served,the USA military,we were both warriors...and our whole families are also service connected,even my very own first cousin served as a BORDER PATROL in the California ,Mexico border...You as the President Elect have all the POWER to help us ...and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!for each and every citizen of our beloved country.GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!and GOD BLESS YOU!!!and YOUR WHOLE FAMILIES!!!
From: Linda on: November 9, 2016
Thank You so much for this post and plea. We have spoken to the career politicians. It's time to be heard. My husband, Vietnam War veteran served 25 years. My self and my girls served right with him. As a retiree many benefits promised have vanished. My son-in-law is deployed right now. He cannot count on these politicians to pay him. His family cannot count on them. Please be different!?! Thank you for serving our country as President. I have been and will be praying for you.
From: Annetta G. Martin on: November 9, 2016
I am a Military Mom of one retired from the Army and the other is National Guard, still serving...I have been with them as they served mutiple deployments. They both have served their country and COMMANDER IN CHIEF with Pride and Dignety. Yet they have struggled with the pay to support their families..The health care they receive from Vet Hospitol and Doctors is in extremely bad need of revamping..Get it done so they can live well passed the years they gave to this country...PLEASE
From: Evelyn Altilio on: November 9, 2016
I believe that he is very much aware of how obummer has treated the military and the veterans. It will be a priority to get it corrected.
From: Christine on: November 9, 2016
Air Force wife of almost 15 years here..with 9 deployments behind us. What a letter! Lets hope our new president will read these words and take them to heart. Thanks for sharing.
From: Kristi on: November 9, 2016
Kristi, an Army spouse, wants you to know that you are about to be her husband's sixth Commander in Chief. His first deployment was to Panama. He has beat cancer, and is preparing to deploy again. Please work to prove yourself worthy of the service and sacrifice that his is about to give you.
From: Ronetta on: November 9, 2016
From: Kaye Goldthorpe on: November 9, 2016
I was a military spouses for over 24 years, my husband retired last year after 32 years with the Army. I say Amen to your words.
From: Mary on: November 9, 2016
Well written. As daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, cousin, wife and mother of those who've served as brave warriors, I thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart. Please, Mr. President-elect, join us in begging mercy from our Loving and Living God? Mary Q Carnes
From: LuAnn on: November 9, 2016
I love these comments. Please remember the ones that have served and the veterans that have passed. Many veterans widows feel left out,alone and left behind with NO death benefits that has been promised. I know I am one of them, left behind and waiting 4 years now for benefits. We struggle to get by, our families have had a lost that no one, can never give back, yet we wait for benefits that should of been ours when our spouse passed. We are the forgotten ones as well. We need your help!!!Ty
From: Vicki on: November 9, 2016
Well said. I pray that he listens,and takes it to heart.
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