UPDATE – TRICARE West Region Referral Waiver Expires

The temporary waiver for West Region Prime enrollees to get authorizations for specialty care referred by their primary care manager (PCM) expires at midnight July 2, 2013.  Beginning July 3, 2013, you must have a referral from your PCM and authorization from UnitedHealthcare for any care not provided by your PCM (except those services that do not require a referral.)  Starting July 3, your PCM will begin submitting referral and authorization requests to UnitedHealthcare for approval following usual TRICARE guidelines.

If you had specialty care referred during the waiver period (April 1 – July 2, 2013), you should have that care completed by September 29, 2013.  If that is not possible, contact UnitedHealthcare.  If you have questions about the waiver or its expiration, call UnitedHealthcare directly or ask your PCM to call UnitedHealthcare at 1-877-988-9378.

For more information visit UnitedHealthcare’s web site.

Read United Healthcare’s Frequently Asked Questions.

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