Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital Scandal Amplifies Uncertainty for Military Families

veterans waiting

Military families dealing with the stress of war, deployments and downsizing can add healthcare uncertainty to that list. The recent reports that an Arizona VA hospital ignored mandates to prioritize new or injured veterans is another blow… but unfortunately not an unexpected one.

“This is nothing new,” said Association Executive Director Joyce Raezer. “Military families see the VA as a huge, dysfunctional bureaucracy, and the VA has certainly lived up to its reputation here.”

The VA’s focus has always been on older veterans… those who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. There’s now growing concern that they’re not prepared to handle all of the service members who will soon be transitioning (not always by choice) out of the military.

Will the VA understand their needs? Will the bureaucracy be able to handle those needs? How does the VA support veterans’ families as part of a veteran’s care?

“We are looking for as smooth a transition as possible, and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done on the smooth transition,” said Raezer.

The VA was the only federal agency exempt from sequestration and budget cuts. In fact, their budget has grown. So why aren’t veterans getting the care they were promised and that they’ve earned? Why aren’t we using all of our nation’s resources to get veterans the care they need when they need it?

“It’s a much bigger issue than cooking the books,” said Raezer. “We’re talking about care for decades to come.”

Reports state that dozens of veterans died while awaiting medical care at VA hospitals in Phoenix. The staff is accused of keeping two sets of records to conceal prolonged waits for appointments.

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Comment: i love u
Submitted by: monoskochjet on June 6, 2014
Comment: This makes me mad as hell. Our men & women serve their country to keep our life's safe & comfy. They are over worked, under paid. And when they get injured or get wear & tear on their bodies, they get booted out. And Then have to worry about income & healthcare. Our president, senators, etc... our overpaid. And have no concern for ANY of our service members. Why should they? They are living confortable. I say "SHAME" on you all. Get off your butts & do YOUR job that your elected for. Get our country straightened out financially, so we can all have decent jobs & take care of our military. Active duty & Retired. Whomever is responsable for the VA deaths needs to be fired & prosecuted. Even if its everyone that works there.
Submitted by: USAF wife on May 22, 2014
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