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Military families are getting hit hard by sequestration and support seems to be eroding on all sides. No matter how many articles are written, interviews done, or blogs posted—it isn’t enough. Members of Congress aren’t hearing our voice. It’s time to #EndSequestration and the only way to do that is for us to stand united.

We want to see how sequestration has hurt your family, disrupted your community and brought pain to your lives. Don’t just tell us, show us.

Email pictures demonstrating the effects of sequestration to, include a brief caption and your location.* We will use your photos on our flickr wall and create a photo book which we will personally hand to each Member of Congress. They can see for themselves how their inaction is hurting the military community.

Together we’re stronger.


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* By submitting your photo, you agree that the National Military Family Association may use your submission, the language within, and any subsequent photos in any way including, but not limited to, publications, promotional brochures, promotions or showcase of programs on our website or social networks, showcase of activities in local and/or national newspapers or programming, and other similar lawful purposes.

Tell us how Sequestration is affecting your family:

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Comment: As an enlisted military family in the national capital region, this has been financially speaking the most constricted duty station of all our duty stations to include an OCONUS station. Not only is the cost of living here outrageous, but the income our service members receive in return for their service meets no where near the top heavy population of civilian government employees receiving salaries of at least GS 11, and we won't even begin to speak about the six digit figures contract employees are receiving. My husband and I for example both work full time, him active duty and me as a federal FTE and when combining our salaries together make no where near that of one single civilian employee. I as a social worker and graduate level MSW social worker am struggling to find employment because of sequestration. I would love nothing more than to continue advocating for our military families needs and servicing their needs, however the community service offices on the bases aren't fully staffed nor hiring, thus highly qualified and experienced social workers such as myself not only suffer because of not being able to find employment beyond my GS-06 secretary job, my family is suffering because I can't utilize my education to make a better income that is equal to those in the DC area, but our service members are also suffering because they and their families can't get the services they need, their readiness, resilience and adaptability is restricted because the community service offices don't have enough staff to service the need. I really hope that Congress reevaluates these devastating decisions. I unfortunately question whether the military is valued. These days it's looking more and more like there's no incentives to commit oneself to the possibility of making the ultimate sacrifice.
Submitted by: Kati on August 17, 2013
Comment: Family members mattet to the service members and their moral.
Submitted by: Stormer on August 16, 2013
Comment: It may seem a small thing, but the CDC has cut their monthly parent's night out events. In a forward deployed environment, my spouse is gone 90% of the time and that one night a month away from my kids for 5 hours helps me stay sane.
Submitted by: Liz on August 13, 2013
Comment: My husband recently deployed. This is nothing new to any military family but this is the FIRST TIME I have ever worried about how we will survive back home. IF our pay is cut while he downrange by the amount that it's supposed to, I'm not sure how we'll make it through this. Not to mention the multiple people within his squadron that have been told that they will not be allowed to reenlist or been told they have to cross train with no where to cross train into. We're worried about him even having a job next year which we've never had to worry about before and was the REASON he reenlisted last time. I may be worried about it but my husband is even more worried. I always abided by the rule that most military wives do. Don't say anything that is going to affect your soldiers readiness. But there's not a thing I can do about this and worrying about what's happening at home can get a military member killed. I have been a military brat my entire life and I married in, becoming a spouse and this is the first time that I have been so disappointed about the direction the military is going.
Submitted by: Joanne on August 13, 2013
Comment: Our Family lives in Beligium, my husband is furloughed, we have lost 20 % of his salary. We are paid in dollars not euros so the cut in pay is painful. He also must work longer hours the rest of the week to make up for the lost work day, yet there is no compensation for the longer work day. The military is adding special reports about how sequester is affecting operations which creates more work for an over burdened workforce. Needless to say this is a very stressful and unfair situation.
Submitted by: Livingston on August 1, 2013

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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