TRICARE Dental Program Announces 2014 Premiums

TRICARE Dental Program recently announced premium rate changes that will go into effect February 1, 2014. Monthly premium rates will increase between 3 - 4 percent in 2014. Rates are based on the sponsor’s military status (Active Duty, Selected Reserve, or Individual Ready Reserve) and type of enrollment: 

  • Sponsor Only 
  • Single enrollment (one family member; does not include sponsor) 
  • Family enrollment (more than one family member; does not include sponsor) 
  • Sponsor and Family

For Active Duty families, the monthly premiums will increase as follows: 

  • Single: $10.96 (up $0.30) 
  • Family: $32.89 (up $0.93)

Monthly rates for Selected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve (Special Mobilization Only) families will be: 

  • Sponsor only: $10.96 (up $0.30) 
  • Single: $27.40 (up $0.76) 
  • Family: $82.23 (up $2.32) 
  • Sponsor and family: $93.19 (up $2.62)

For Individual Ready Reserve (Non-Special Mobilization) families, monthly premiums will be: 

  • Sponsor only: $27.40 (up $0.76) 
  • Single: $27.40 (up $0.76) 
  • Family: $82.23 (up $2.32) 
  • Sponsor and family: $109.63 (up $3.08)

Ongoing premiums can be paid via the member’s payroll allotment/deduction. Members who are not able to pay using this method can opt for electronic funds transfer or credit card payments.

Please note that under the TRICARE Dental Program, there is a $1,300 annual maximum benefit per beneficiary, per plan year for non-orthodontic services. Each plan year begins May 1 and ends April 30. There is an additional $1,200 maximum for dental care necessitated by an accident.


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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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