Win for Military Kids' Education: Oregon Becomes the 47th State to Adopt the Interstate Compact

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On April 1, Oregon took an important step to support military children and families living in the state. Governor John Kitzhaber (D-OR) signed into law the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children. Oregon becomes the 47th state to join the Compact, which is an agreement among states to provide uniform treatment for military kids as they transition between school districts.

Moving is an unavoidable fact of most military families’ lives. In fact, the average military child will move six to nine times between kindergarten and their senior year in high school.  Not surprisingly, military parents worry about the effect of so much disruption on their children’s academic achievement. Different rules on issues such as entrance age, graduation requirements, and standardized tests can add to families’ stress, making it difficult for military children to move smoothly into their new classrooms. Cooperation between states and school districts is vital to overcoming these challenges and ensuring that military children receive the quality education they need and deserve. The Interstate Compact helps ease some of those concerns by addressing some of the most common roadblocks that kids and families encounter as they change schools: enrollment, eligibility, course placement and graduation requirements. 

Our Association congratulates Oregon for adopting the Compact. We strongly believe that the Compact is a vital tool in helping ease the challenges faced by children as they move to new schools. Our goal is to see the Compact adopted in all 50 states. This year, we have written letters to state legislatures in New York and New Hampshire encouraging them to adopt the Compact. We will continue to urge those two states as well as Minnesota to pass this important legislation supporting military children and families. For more information about the Compact, visit the Compact Commission website.


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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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